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The Crown Season 3 Gets A New Queen; Young Camilla Parker Bowles To Appear

Hail to a new Queen! Claire Foy steps down as Queen Elizabeth in The Crown Season 3. Foy said it was not a surprise for her because she knew it from the start. Meanwhile, the young Camilla Parker Bowles will appear in the show’s third season.

Netflix’s The Crown captured the viewer’s interest when it premiered last November. The hit series won The Crown lead star Claire Foy a Golden Globe and SAG Award for her role as the young Queen Elizabeth. However, come Season 3, a new Queen will take over.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip Role Recast

People Magazine reports that both Foy and co-star Matt Smith’s role will be recast because the series will do a time jump in The Crown Season 3. “That’s not a shock – we always knew when we signed up to it,” says Foy.

Foy revealed that her appearance for two seasons in The Crown is fine for her. The British actress said that while she enjoyed the role and will also miss portraying the Queen, Foy noted that it’s a tough job.

“It’s long, a good nine-mouther. And that’s a lot of your life that you sign over to it,” said the actress. However, Foy stated that just like the rest of The Crown viewers, she is also interested to see where the series will go and what will happen next.

The Crown Season 3 Update

On the other hand, reports that The Crown Executive Producer Suzanne Mackie confirmed that a new character will appear in the show’s third season. In Mackie’s interview at the BFI & Radio Times Festival in London, the executive producer confirmed the news that Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles’ wife will appear in the series.

The latter report notes that there is still no word on who will take on the role of Princess Camilla. Apart from this new cast member, the source notes that The Crown Season 3 will feature more of the Queen’s children.

In other The Crown Season 3 news, Mackie stated that Peter Morgan, the show’s creator is already planning to make five more seasons of the show. Moreover, Morgan wants to write all of them himself.

Meanwhile, Director Philip Martin teased The Crown viewers on what will happen in Season 2. Martin stated that if Season 1 “happened in a bubble,” where everyone is supportive of the British monarchy, in Season 2, “the world comes crashing in.” What can you say about The Crown Season 3 spoilers? Share your thoughts with us!

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