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The Big Bang Theory Season 11: Cancellation Speculations Bite The Dust

It has been speculated that there will be no more The Big Bang Theory season 11. However, as the rumor mill fills up, it looks like that will be possible now. There are contract renewals among the cast, and it also looks like fans can expect a twelfth season.

The Big Bang Theory is a television sitcom that premiered on CBS in 2007. The story featured the lives of five friends who live in one apartment. It received mainly positive views, thanks to the comical effect of the geekiness clashing with common sense.

The Big Bang Theory Season 11: What’s There To Know

TV Line reported that CBS is very close to the renewal of the series for an eleventh and twelfth season. Leslie Moonves, the CEO of CBS Corp., confirmed that the network is close to a two-season deal. Warner Bros, however, refused to comment about the matter.

The possibility of The Big Bang Theory season 11 is further cemented when the contracts among the core cast members were renewed! The contracts were set to expire after the tenth season. However, it looks like the contracts will be extended for the next few seasons. The deal allegedly involves 24 episodes per season and there are also talks about trimming the episode order. This is because the cast members of the show are starting to engage in other projects aside from TBBT.

It was also reported by Deadline that the main cast will be paid $1 million per episode, just like in the recent seasons of TBBT. In addition to that, Warner Bros is also believed to be in the middle of signing new deals with Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch. The two actors’ roles significantly grew during the past few seasons.

TBBT Jim Parsons: “I will be surprised if it ends this season”

Actor Jim Parsons gave hope to loyal TBBT fans about the show’s eleventh season in Sunday Today. According to Parsons, he will be shocked if the sitcom will end after season 10. “Everybody wants to return, and I know that. I’d be really surprised if that didn’t happen,” Parsons said.

Despite the cancellation rumors, there are negotiations happening between CBS and Warner Bros. One of the biggest obstacles was to get the original cast to extend their contracts. It was already reported that their contracts are renewed, so The Big Bang Theory season 11 (and 12) seems possible.

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