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The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Spoilers: Will Raj and Stuart Date

The Big Bang Theory is busy these days what with news of Leonard’s mom returning to the show and Howard and Bernadette still dealing with being new parents. Two particular characters are also looking to be very busy spending time and bickering with each other and fans are wondering if that’s going to lead into something else.

The Big Bang Theory: Raj and Stuart?

A fan asked TVLine’s Michael Ausiello if he thought The Big Bang Theory would make Raj and Stuart as a couple. The fan who asked, who goes by the name Gina, said that the two have good “chemistry”.

Ausiello responded that the two looked very “cozy” when he visited the set. But that’s just about it. However, it does make one wonder what prompted Gina to say it.

Could it be that time Howard and Bernadette found Raj and Stuart in their hot tub together casually talking? Or could it be the ongoing feud between them over who gets to babysit the new baby? How about in the recent episode where Raj worked for Stuart?

The two are either friends in one episode and then annoying the other in the next one. We’re not so sure if CBS is going to make Raj and Stuart happen. But one thing we know is that the two are funny when they’re up against the other.

Upcoming Episodes

As mentioned above, Leonard’s mom is making an appearance. Christine Baranski is returning as Leonard’s mom on March 9’s episode.

TVLine revealed that the premise is that Leonard’s mom helps Sheldon with his personal issues. She’s also going to deal with Leonard and Penny’s marriage.

Original Cast Cuts Pay For Bialik and Rauch

The cast of BBT proves just how strong their friendship is. As reported by Variety, original cast members Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg have decided to make $100,000 less per episode. Currently, the five stars earn $1 million per episode. The $500,000 would then be divided between Bialik and Rauch in order for them stay in the show.

Both Rauch and Bialik earn just $200,000 per episode. Having the rest cut their pay for them would bring their rate to around $450,000 per episode. Hopefully, this would be enough for Bialik and Rauch to renew their contracts on the show.

What do you think of all these news on The Big Bang Theory? Catch the show’s next episode on March 9 on CBS.

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