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The Big Bang Theory Cancellation: Speculated Renewal Seems In Doubt After Record Low Ratings

What does it mean if one of the biggest hit shows, The Big Bang Theory, received its lowest rating yet? The show’s Thursday episode received a measly 2.7 rating in the 18-49 age demographic. This is the weakest live-plus same-day showing since the series premiered in 2008.

This might show that CBS, the network behind The Big Bang Theory, is in a limbo. Even with a good enough rating, it was not able to outlast ABC’s stable players—Grey’s Anatomy (2.0 adults), Scandal (1.7 adults), and How To Get Away With Murder (1.3 adults). All three have just been renewed for the next season.

Low Rating Might Mean Cancellation Of The Big Bang Theory

What does this rating mean for The Big Bang Theory? The show is said to be still under negotiations for a Season 11 and a Season 12, even though speculations are more for renewal than cancellation. Still, there has been no confirmation regarding rumors that all the main cast agreed to stay for two more seasons.

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Last week, CBS CEO Leslie Moonves said that they are “very, very close” to renewing The Big Bang Theory for another two seasons. He told investors this during the company’s fourth-quarter earnings on Wednesday. Moonves, however, did not elaborate on the state of the stars’ contracts.

This was not the first time CBS executives claimed or hinted that the series will be back for at least another season. Back in January, CBS Entertainment President Glenn Geller said that they are finalizing the contracts of the show’s main cast.

The main beef between the network and the stars is the contract. In 2014, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, and Johnny Galecki negotiated a deal that gave them $1 million per episode. Other stars also had a raise in their salaries.

More Demand May Lead To Cancellation Of Series?

But now, it seems like the three are asking for more. Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayaar are negotiating to receive the same $1-million contract the other three mainstays have been enjoying since 2014.

The last time CBS underwent negotiations, CBS renewed the series for three seasons. The show earned $1 billion for Warner Bros. Television, so a renewal will not only make the cast richer. The network would be benefiting as well.

Then again, there are issues regarding Parsons’ interest to continue working with The Big Bang Theory. If Sheldon Cooper, Parsons’ character, will no longer be in the series, how can the rest of the gang pick up the ratings?

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