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The Bachelor Top 4 Contestants: Updates For The Next Season Revealed!

The Bachelor is ready to move forward and to go take the next step for the show aside from the announcement of this season’s top 4 contestants. The last episode of the reality show ended with a drama and Nick wanted to quit. This was after he started to ask himself whether to continue the show.

The week 6 of the matchmaking show revealed a shocking turn of events as Nick Viall chose Corrinne Olypios over Taylor Nolan. The rest of the girls in the show clearly expressed their dislike for Corrine Nolan but Bick defended his choice. He said in a statement that nobody should except for him could decide whom to choose and that he knows who fits his personality.

The Bachelor Week 7 Top 4 Contestants

If you don’t want us to spoil you, read no further! Nick Viall had a hard time this week choosing who to send home. However, after thorough thinking, here are the top 4 contestants for the show’s lead!

Shockingly, after all this time, Nick Vial still chooses Corrine Olympios from other girls. The 24-year-old business owner became this season’s villain as everyone called her a ‘slut’ or a ‘whore’. Corrine took of her top and exposed her breasts to Nick which infuriated fans and the other girls.

Still running as the next Mrs. Viall is Raven Gates, a fashion boutique owner. She revealed in an interview with GlamourCelebs that she signed up for the show after she just got out of a relationship. She thinks that someone who also signed up as the lead seriously looks for a lifetime partner.

Nick and me in Bimini (say that really fast 6 times) ???? #rhymingisfun

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This season’s early favorite, Vanessa Grimaldi, also belongs to the top 4 contestants. According to rumors, Nick will choose Vanessa at the end. Fans start to get any clue from her Instagram as to whether she and Nick stayed together. Also, a twitter user named GuessWhosBrack discovered that Grimaldi actually has an IMDB page and starred in 3 movies. Twitter users started questioning Vanessa’s purpose for the show as she never mentioned her other career anytime in the show.

Lastly, fan favorite lawyer Rachel is also picked for the Top 4 contestants. According to rumors, for the Week 8, she and Vanessa will have a huge fight. This fight started out as a tension earlier this season and will be the most talked about.

Next Season Will Have A Black Lead

It’s a great news for the Bachelor franchise as after 21 seasons, it will finally have a black lead next season. The Bachelorette next season will star Dallas Lawyer Rachel Lindsay, according to rumors. Although the lead’s identity remains unconfirmed, it will surely be a black American woman.

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