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The Bachelor Corrine Olympios Instagram: Know Why Fans Cannot Stand Her

Every reality show has that one person everyone hates. For The Bachelor, the unanimous choice is Corrine Olympios. Fans of the show are hating on her for pulling boisterous moves to get attention.

The Bachelor has produced a lot of drama but this season takes the cake. Some bizzare stunts like Corrine Olympios pulling off her top to showing up in a trench coat (only) for a date seems to have given the show a lot of attention. Many are asking the makers to take her off the show.

What do we know about Corrine Olympios?

One look at Corrine Olympios Instagram handle, and we know that she is filthy rich. She is either jet-setting across the globe for modeling shoots, or is seen in lavish setting just chilling. Her antics on The Bachelor has earned her a very notorious status.

It's Monday ? #teamcorn

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In the reality show where Nick Viall is looking for ‘The One’, contenders are trying all that they can to get his attention. But who tops the rank in making sure all eyes are on her- Corrine. One of her stunts include taking her top off in the pool for a photo shoot with Nick.

Corrine doesn’t fail to surprise- The Trench Coat Fiasco

So Corrine decides to show up for a date with a can of whipped cream and sports a trench coat, with nothing underneath it. The point of the whole get up- no idea! Though Nick was kind enough to play along with her antics, but then he took a step back.

Clearly embarrassed, Corrine decides not to show up at the Bachelor Rose Ceremony. The promo for the next episode reveals that while all girls are at the ceremony, Corrine is fast asleep. She is seen resting on her bed with the rose next to her. Even Nick is seen clearly surprised and says, “I know she has a rose, but last time I checked, you still have to show up for the rose ceremony.”

The Bachelor airs on ABC every Monday at 08 pm ET.

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