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The Affair Season 3 Finale: Ending Baffled Fans; What To Expect Next

Showtime’s adultery drama had its third season finale earlier. The Affair season 3 was a kite cut away from its characters’ string.

The Affair season 3 won’t last long in fans’ memories after it left a bitter taste in the mouth. Not only was the show devoid of its favorable characters, but also made futile attempts of empty rhetoric. Noah’s temperament, for starters, is taking a detour from its orthodox chaotic frame of mind. One can excuse the oddity, but what was all the Alzheimer’s indifference about?

The Affair Season 3: Mediocrity

Whenever a show airs its finale of a season or its entire run, fans are mostly equivocal in response. Some provide room for some betterment, some are happy and some are obviously not. The Affair finale, on the other hand, has the better part of the fans feeling downcast. Noah took the most of screen-time and gave very less to cherish about, to say the least.

Vulture terms the finale a character redemption gone astray. The character in question here is Noah, of course. If you’re looking close enough, Noah is nothing like his old self. No mention of his parole status, for starters. Moreover, he’s visibly stable. When did that happen? Behind closed doors? Just a thought, perhaps!

Whatever happened to Alison and Cole, anyway! The fan favorite characters went AWOL and left a sorry-looking Noah to make up for their screen-time. Noah and Juliette are together in a predicament of their own. Also, Juliette isn’t aware of her position with respect to Etienne’s. Now that the latter is out of the equation, things might mellow down a bit. Not for Noah, though.

The Affair Season 3: Noah’s Conundrum

Noah’s struggles with himself and his family soars in the finale. He has to confront his shortcomings from the past through Whitney’s unsavory situation. After Noah stumbles upon Furkat’s gallery, he’s met with an ugly truth of Whitney’s relationship with Furkat. Furthermore, things go awry and Furkat goes ballistic on Whitney, only for Noah to intervene just in time.

The show casts Furkat in a bad light only to sell the good in Noah. Last we remember, Noah was the one assaulting and behaving abominably. Times, they do change, don’t they? Noah too, but hey, he’s an eccentric guy. Show runners are vehemently trying to turn over a new leaf for their pseudo-hero, of course. Not with much success, however.

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