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The 100 Season 4 Premiere: Murphy And Emori Romance Intensifies

The 100 season 4 premiere is set to return to TV screens tonight! The CW’s post-apocalyptic series dropped its last trailer in time for the show’s comeback on Wednesday. In it, fans saw action-packed scenes with Clarke and Bellamy exchanging worried looks.

The season premiere will also pick up right where the complex third season left off. That is, where Clarke defeated A.L.I.E. and woke everyone from their state of unconsciousness. She pretty much saved everyone from the control of a creature with artificial intelligence that prompted only nefarious intentions. The fourth season will show the lead characters lucid once again, but they still remember what they did “under the influence.”

The 100 Season 4: Murphy And Emori Romance Intensifies

According to TV Line, everyone’s favorite couple is sure to get some “solid screen time” when the show returns on Wednesday. The same publication notes that you may see a wonderful scene that features Murphy presenting Emori with a “certain proposition.” Of course, given that the characters are trying to survive a nuclear apocalypse, The 100 show boss warns fans that they should not expect “too much happiness outside of the those two [characters].”

The 100 Season 4 Premiere: It’s All About Survival

Interestingly, TV Guide published an interview with creator Jason Rothenberg about how the characters will respond to the impending apocalypse. Skairu’s “already shaky political alliances” and what he learned in the past was also discussed.

Rothenberg explains that season 4 will show “obstacles that they can’t beat, and only try and figure out ways to survive it.” Then, it becomes about who survives, how do the characters decide to move forward, and fans will see these characters develop and grow even more. He even warns how the fourth season will be “a relentless ticking clock from the beginning until the end of the finale.”

Indeed, it’s a fact that the characters of The 100 are continuously forced to make decisions that could make or break them. The report also mentions how Clarke will reunite with her mother, together with Kane, Bellamy, Indra, and Octavia. The gang was successful destroying the City of Light, but a looming danger is once again in their midst! What do they do now that there are 1,000 Azgeda warriors that are still within Polis? The fact that Clarke hasn’t even told them about the world ending is only making matters worse.

Don’t miss out and watch The 100 season 4 premiere on Wednesday at 9 PM ET on The CW.

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