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The 100 Season 4: Luna And Skaikru Alliance In Trouble, Betrayal Possible

No one ever said saving the world as one of humanity’s last remnants would be easy. But that’s exactly what Luna has to worry about now. The CW has recently shared a new clip for the next episode of The 100. Season 4 episode 4 A Lie Guarded seems to indicate unease between Luna and the Skaikru.

Last that we saw of The 100, in the episode The Four Horsemen, a group of Grounders had arrived at Arkadia with signs of Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS). It had apparently come from eating contaminated fish. However, Luna (Nadia Hilker) does not succumb to the ARS, unlike other grounders. Abby realizes that, due to Luna’s Nightblood, her body is capable of resisting the radiation effects.

Remember that nuclear meltdown that everyone is now so concerned about? The one that ALIE claims will extinguish humanity in six months? It looks like Luna’s blood holds the key for getting through it.

What If They Can’t Have It?

The 100 clip from the CW shows Abby (Paige Turco) leading the way for Skaikru toward an old abandoned lab of Becca’s. The plan is to use the lab to synthesize Luna’s blood, in the hopes of providing an anti-radiation solution accessible by everyone.

The trouble? Luna doesn’t like where it’s all going. In the clip, she hesitates to even leave the boat and begin hiking toward the lab. Nyko (Ty Olson), another of the Grounders, tries to encourage her: “You’re doing the right thing.”

When Luna tries to brush it off by saying she didn’t have a choice, Nyko continues trying to assure her that the Skaikru are good people. “I trust them, and you trust me.”

“They think my blood will save them,” Luna answers.

“Save us all,” Nyko clarifies.

“What do you think would happen if I said they couldn’t have it?” she shoots back.

A Possible Betrayal?

Miller then urges the both of them – a little brusquely – to start moving. It’s a tense moment, and they’re not yet even at the lab. It seems to hint that Luna may refuse the Skaikru access to her blood after all. But in that case, would the Skaikru betray her and take it by force? We are, after all, talking about the survival of the human species.

This kind of tension would add another element to the characters’ depth. We sincerely want to trust the good guys – especially ones led by good ol’ Dr. Abby Griffin. But how far would they be willing to go to get their hands on some well-needed Nightblood?

A new episode of The 100 premieres this Wednesday, Feb. 22, 9/8c.

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