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Taken TV Series: Are We Ready For A Younger Bryan Mills

Bryan Mills’ daring adventures may be over on the big screen. But we haven’t seen the last of him yet: he’s headed to television in an upcoming Taken TV series. Liam Neeson will not be reprising the role, which will now be taken over by Clive Standen.

It’s sad that we’re not going to hear Neeson helping himself to a new variant of his infamous “I will find you and kill you” monologue. But as this series is going to be a prequel, it’ll be interesting to see Standen put his own spin on the character. This is a new Bryan Mills we’re seeing; a younger one.

Taken TV Series – From The Ground Up

Executive Producer Alex Carey, known for his work on Homeland, sat for the show’s panel at the Television Critics Association winter previews Wednesday. There, he explained how they aim to delve deeper into the character of Bryan Mills through the Taken TV series.

“What we wanted to do was bring the franchise, or the unique selling point of Taken, to the TV screen,” he said,  “but do our own story and really create this character from the ground up.”

In the Taken films, Mills is an ex-CIA operative. He displays a whole arsenal of skills over the trilogy: hand-to-hand combat, proficiency with firearms, and some deductive skills. The series will likely focus on his earlier days with the agency, perhaps seeing a younger, more raw version of the veteran in the films. So, perhaps his shots won’t be as clean, and his demeanor as a fighter not as grizzled. But we’ll definitely see how he became the man he is in the films.

Perhaps we’ll also catch a glimpse of how he becomes a family man. His wife Lenore and daughter Kim (played by Famke Janssen and Maggie Grace, respectively, in the films) have not been cast. So, perhaps they’re saving that for the series finale.

A Viking Action Star

Clive Standen is best known for playin Rollo on Vikings. On that show, Rollo is a fearsome warrior. So, Standen won’t have any trouble stepping into the shoes of someone as ruthless and formidable as Mills. He’s also appeared in Camelot, and will star alongside Matt Smith and Natalie Dormer in Patient Z.

“(Bryan Mills’s) main super power, if he has one, is forward momentum and the desire to protect people,” Standen said in a Rotten Tomatoes interview. “… it’s brutal. I’ve been throwing myself in front of cars and doing assisted Krav Maga… it’s exciting. I can’t wait.”

Taken premieres February 27 on NBC.

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