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Taboo Miniseries: The Truth Behind The Nootka Sound

Taboo miniseries’ Nootka Sound has more to it than what meets the eye. The East India Company connection isn’t utter fiction, after all.

James Keziah Delaney is unstable in ways that one cannot imagine, of course. Chances are that he might even be stable, but downright outlandish and outrageously peculiar. However, James has clear vision about the Nootka Sound. He comprehends the significance of this land and has trade interests pertaining to it. East India Company had similar aspirations in reality, turns out. No contradictions between Taboo miniseries and Company’s actual connections to the Sound.

Taboo Miniseries: Nootka Sound

Scroll has an exclusive report on the authenticity of the actual Nootka Sound. Besides, East India Company had trade interests in accordance to this land back in 18th century itself. The writers of Taboo seemingly drew influence from this association, may be. The real Nootka Sound is situated in the West coast of Vancouver. Further, this land serves as an inlet in the British Columbia province of Canada.

It was indeed during one of the voyages of James Cook that Nootka first came into the limelight. Nootka accommodates an opportunity for maritime trade between America and China. Due to Company’s vehement trade aspirations, Nootka soon became a cynosure of trade talks. Also, China’s potential in trade made it an altogether priority.

Delegations were sent to establish a trade relationship and materialization was in order. Subsequently, two ships were assigned to carry goods from America and sell in China. Many restrictions come into play on this trade too. Thanks to Company’s habit of disregarding the laws, problems were aplenty. Needless to say, Taboo miniseries reflect the shady trade practices of the Company.

East India Company’s Shenanigans

East India Company, for its part, has a vital importance in our history. Primarily due to its colonization and annexation practices all across the globe. Their prominence was such that history boasts that Sun never set in the British empire – in the vein of its vastness. Correspondingly, the Company has a large role to play in Tom Hardy’s Taboo.

James Delaney – an apparition of a deranged man, product of extensive pain and suffering is Company’s nemesis. In the wake of his arrival, Company and the Crown is torn apart in their pursuit of Nootka. Ironically, Nootka Sound is at James’ disposal. He won’t part with it until he gets the right price for it – a price too dear to many. The likeness of the fiction and reality is scandalously uncanny, perhaps.

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