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Taboo Miniseries: The Enigma that is James Keziah Delaney

Tom Hardy’s figments of imagination brings us to Taboo miniseries. A BBC One drama – ominous, glum and beautifully chaotic.

Taboo miniseries is set in 1814’s Britain, at the apex of East India Company’s tyranny. Tom Hardy’s James Keziah Delaney returns home from the far lands of Africa. His return, however, isn’t met with songs and festivity, but animosity. His father, on the other hand, has breathed his last and James is just in time for the funeral. No one sent for him, no mails and definitely no heads-up. He’s just here. Perhaps, that’s where the enigmatic part kicks in!

Taboo Miniseries: Enigmatic James

James’ half-sister Zilpha gets a bolt out of the blue welcome upon his return. Subsequently, he mumbles that to her that ‘Africa couldn’t change his love for her’. At this point, the viewers get a whiff of the idea behind the series’ title. There is a conspicuous contempt towards James’ arrival everywhere in town. James is as complex as he is pragmatic, reports The Week.

He’s virtually a ghost for decades. There were stories about him from the grapevine which put him in bad light throughout. Besides, his father’s ill-reputation precedes him. The bummer is when East India Company is after James for something he inherits. A land far too precious for the Crown, and equally significant to the Americans – Nootka Island. Lest you forget, Americans and Britain were at the twilight of their long and tiresome war.

James, here, is a no-nonsense guy. He knows the stakes and plays his cards right. His past, however, is vague at this point. There are abstract scenes depicting the slave trade and some voodoo characters making sporadic appearances. Furthermore, James has his cryptic incantations and visions of juxtaposition of events or dreams even.

Taboo Miniseries: The Premise

Couple of episodes now, the premise talks about a pariah – resolute and driven to give sovereignty a run for its money. The aberration is with the taboo associated with it, of course. James is feared on multiple grounds, one can say. Africa gave him more than just diamonds, it seems like.

Lecherous, cannibalistic and barbaric – some fear him to be. An excellent swimmer who has a soft spot for filth. Also, his ways are uncanny and he makes it alluring, nonetheless. Tom Hardy and Steven Knight can make putrefaction a wishful thinking, for certain. Be that as it may.

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