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Taboo: Are We Looking At Another Killer Show

Fans of TV shows that feature the lives of serial killers will be happy to know they have one again in Tom Hardy’s Taboo. Okay, so Hardy (James Delaney) isn’t exactly a serial killer in the show, but there are speculations that he might have dealt with the devil.

That leaves us in a sort of imbalance about this new show from BBC. While the audiences are used to watching shows that leave them with burning questions by the end of an episode (looking at you, Sherlock and Game of Thrones), Taboo failed in one important thing. It did not make the audience care enough for Delaney’s character in its premiere episode.

Taboo is full of gravitas from excellent characters

Sure, Episode 1 of Taboo may seem a bit dull and uninteresting, but the presence of Hardy and Jonathan Pryce will make you stay for more. There’s nobody who can excel in 1800s psychopathic thriller than Hardy. His performance in The Revenant, Bronson, Warrior, and The Dark Knight Rises drew praises from even the harshest movie critics.

TabooPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Taboo

Unfortunately for Taboo, it may just be another killer show in the market. The pacing was slow and dragging, and the director failed to make us care with what happens to Delaney. It seems that the show’s only saving grace is the fact that it has Hardy and Pryce on its roster.

Hopefully, as things pick up, Taboo will begin to unveil a more solid storyline rather than the loose plot lines we saw in Episode 1.

What is Taboo all about?

The series is set in 1814 London, where James Delaney returns from Africa after his father’s mysterious death. While everyone thought he was dead, he appeared at his father’s funeral and shocked his half-sister, Zilpha (Oona Chaplin) and her husband, Thorne Greary (Jefferson Hall).

Throughout the episode, we saw a series of bizarre situations that hinted of Delaney’s unexplained connection with the undead. Did he make a deal with the devil? Did Delaney have a relationship with his half-sister?

If not for anything else, Taboo gives us a glimpse of a London we might have forgotten. This isn’t the London of today or Sherlock’s (of Benedict Cumberbatch’s version) London, for that matter. This is Oliver Twist’s and Jack the Ripper’s London—corrupt, sex-driven, impecunious, greedy, and immoral.

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