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Sword Art Online Season 3 Release Date: Finally, This What Fans Have Been Waiting For!

The much-awaited anime series will release its first anime movie entitled, Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale. Still no official word on Sword Art Online Season 3, however, a certain event this 2017 could be the signal for a third season.

Yuki Kajiura’s concert featuring Sword Art Online to hit Hollywood Dolby Theater next year could be what the fans have been waiting for. Although Producer Shinichiro Kashiwada remains tight-lipped about the truth of this event, the latest updates suggest that this will all come true late next year.

Kajiura’s Alicization Song for SAO Season 3

Fans speculate that Yuki Kajiura’s concert featuring Sword Art Online will make way to Kashiwada’s announcement of the third series installment for the anime. Furthermore, Kajiura’s Alicization song takes on its design from SAO’s 4th main arc, the Alicization arc.

Sword Art Online Season 3 Alicization Arc

Producer Kashiwada confirmed in an interview that SAO Season 3 will feature characters from the Alicization Arc, according to News Every Day. This is the biggest sign that confirms the rumors regarding the anime series’ third installment. Meanwhile, Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale will hit the theaters next year.

Alicization Could Be the Best Arc Yet

The fourth arc of Sword Art Online Alicization centers around Kirigaya Kazuto as he gets recruited to investigate the new FullDive machine, the Soul Translator. This machine allows users to play for years but only get to spend minutes or seconds in the real world. Kazuto spent 12 years in the game before he accomplished his task. However, in the real world, the last surviving death gun attacked Kazuto resulting to the latter’s brain death and coma.

The Japan Self Defense Force then kidnaps Kazuto’s body to treat his brain damage by connecting a Soul Translator. Kazuto wakes up in the Underworld, the virtual world, with his real world memories intact.

This fourth arc goes beyond the simple harem the anime established in the first Sword Art Online. It also destroy’s Kazuto’s Gary Stu characters by making him weak and helpless. Unlike the first anime, this arc will focus on the adventure and deeper plots. The first anime failed to continue its adventure theme and focused more on the romance and harem themes.

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