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Supergirl 2: Will Calista Flockhart Return As Cat Grant

Throughout all of Supergirl’s first season, Cat Grant was a reliable – if not slightly intimidating – presence in the cast. However, season 2 had just barely started when CatCo’s iron-fisted founder and matriarch decided to take a leave of absence. The move follows Calista Flockhart’s demotion from a series regular to a recurring character on Supergirl 2. Now, we’ve yet to see her onscreen since. Have we already seen the last of Cat Grant this season?

The return of Kara’s old boss was one of the questions posed on a recent TV Line Q&A with EIC Michael Ausiello. “Any word yet on if/when Calista Flockhart might be reprising her role as Cat Grant on Supergirl?” came the question. His answer, however, was not very encouraging: “I wouldn’t put money on seeing Cat again this season. But if you do, keep the wager under $1.”

Supergirl 2: A New Era Of CatCo

The departure of Cat Grant came in a bit of a comic moment in the season’s second episode, The Last Children of Krypton. Kara gets fed up with James’s attitude toward her and pleaded with Cat to speak with him on her behalf. Cat, however, refuses to do her that favor, urging Kara to stand up for herself.

“I just need you to pull up your big girl pants, Kara, and own your power,” Cat says, “because I’m not gonna be around for very much longer.”

“What does that mean?” Kara asks, as emotional music begins to swell in the background, “Oh my god, oh my god, Ms. Grant – are you dying?” The music abruptly stops and Cat shoots her a weird look. “No,” she says, “I’m leaving.”

It launched a new era for the CatCo media empire. It was just one of the new challenges faced by Kara in the fast-paced second season. She has since traded blows with aliens, faced off against cyborgs, and dealt with Luthors. Her interactions with familiar DC characters also continue, with Superman often joining her for a few adventures, along with Martian Manhunter. She’s also had the occasional crossover with Grant Gustin’s Flash.

Cat’s Future Role On Supergirl 2?

It was previously shared by a Warner Bros. representative that “Cat Grant will appear in multiple season 2 episodes”. Technically, Calista Flockhart has already appeared in “multiple episodes” (episodes 1 and 2). Surely, though, they meant more than that? If that’s the case, fans should still hold on to the hope that Ms. Grant still has a witty barb or two up her sleeve, even if it’s a small one.

At the very least, we can probably assume the she’ll be inconsequential to the plot for the rest of the season. She’s already done her role in terms of character development, both in her own character’s revelations, as well as in supporting Supergirl in the spotlight.

If Cat appears again on Supergirl 2 or future seasons, it will most likely be in a minor supporting role, perhaps as a viewer of the major events in National City. Expect that she’ll still have something to say about it, though.

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