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Suits Spinoff: Gina Torres’ Jessica Pearson Might Be Getting Her Own Law Series

Are you ready for a woman-empowering Suits spinoff? Reports indicate that there may be a spinoff of the law drama based on former cast member and fan favorite Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres). Her character left the show last September.

According to a report from TVLine, the spinoff is currently being developed. A spokesperson for Universal Cable Productions, however, neither confirmed nor denied the news. What they did tell TVLine was the current production is focused on Suits Season 6 and the coming Season 7.

Suits Spinoff Might See Jessica In Chicago?

The last time we saw Jessica last September, she was heading to Chicago to be with her ex-boyfriend, Malone (DB Woodside). Back then, Torres said that fans shouldn’t write off Jessica completely from the show. Was she hinting back then of a Suits spinoff?

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So, if it’s not the last we have seen of Jessica Pearson, does it mean that she’ll be back in the show somehow? “Not. For. One. Second. And don’t you either,” Torres had said back then.

The fact that her departure from the show was totally amicable should be good enough for fans. It left the door open for a possible comeback or in this case, a spinoff centered on her character.

At the time when she left Suits, Torres said that she needed to focus on a few personal things. Though Suits is based in New York, it’s filming in Toronto, Canada, making it difficult for the LA-based Torres to go back and forth.

Suits Spinoff Makes Sense

Although Suits has largely centered around the characters of Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Mike (Patrick J. Adams), and Louis (Rick Hoffman), it’s actually the female characters who stole the show. Rachel (Meghan Markle), Donna (Sarah Rafferty), and Jessica have always somehow been the “stars.”

Don’t get us wrong, the male leads are still very much the stars of the series. But if you have been watching it, you cannot help but notice how Donna and Jessica, in particular, have been stealing some of the thunders from Harvey, Mike, and Louis. Jessica has always been that strong character women should emulate, having been the “savior” of Pearson Specter & Litt for many times.

It would be natural for her to have a spinoff series where she was able to set up her own firm in Chicago. We would then be able to get to know her more—who’s her family? What’s her background? Her character would have multiple layers, and would make for good primetime TV in Suits spinoff.

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