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Suits Season 6: That Donna-Harvey Scene; Harvey To Reunite With His Mom

Suits season 6 is back after its mid-season hiatus. After an explosive series of events, the season premiere opened with Patrick J. Adams’ (who plays Mike Ross) directorial debut. Kicking it off on such a fresh note, fans saw that Darvey scene which shocked fans. However, it didn’t last long until it was revealed that it was only Harvey (Gabriel Macht) imagining it to happen.

Season 6 episode 11 entitled She’s Gone marked the first episode without any trace of Jessica Pearson (Gina Rodriguez). It is now up to Harvey Spectre and Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) to rise from the ashes. Interestingly, season 6 episode 11 poignantly touches on Harvey’s personal life. Is he ready to make amends with his family now that his work family is slowly falling apart?

Suits season 6: Will the Donna-Harvey tandem ever happen?

TV Guide reported that show boss Aaron Korsh spoke up about the Donna (Sarah Rafferty) – Harvey relationship. As fans remember, the mid-season premiere opened with the next morning after Harvey and Donna spent the night together. Minutes into the scene though, it was revealed that it only happened in Harvey’s dream.

Korsh explains how they thought “it would be fun” to write their story that way. Especially for fans who shipped the Darvey tandem. Taking note though that it was something very unexpected, but they went ahead with it anyway. “After the hand holding [in the finale], it was like, what’s the next morning? People don’t know what happened. Maybe they went home and slept together. Let’s give them a taste of it,” Korsh explained.

As to whether fans will see more similar episodes, he said, “If you’re a Darvey fan, you’ve got to watch. I’m not going to tell you what’s coming and I felt like this scene, not knowing it’s coming, is very satisfying. We’ll see when we get there.”

Suits season 6: Harvey to reunite with his mom in next episode

When Donna spoke to Harvey about making amends with his own family, Korsh said that the arc for that would “quickly unfold in the next episode.” As Donna’s advice got to him, Harvey very well knows that his work family cannot fill the void he has because he isn’t in good terms with his mom. Donna points this out to him, saying “You know, you’re off-kilter. You’ve still got problems and you’ve got to fix them.”

Korsh says that this will bring up “a lot of stuff and Harvey doesn’t want to do it,” and that is what episode 12 will be all about. Next week, fans will see a fidgety and hesitant Harvey, as he goes to see his mom.

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