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Suits 6B: How Will The Show Fare Without Jessica

Fans were not the only ones surprised by Jessica Pearson’s (Gina Torres) departure from Pearson Specter & Litt during the midseason finale of Suits Season 6. Her departure from the law firm also emotionally affected Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). So much so that he has to lean on Donna (Sarah Rafferty) for support.

Suits Executive Producer Aaron Korsh tells TVLine that he hopes the series won’t feel that different with Jessica out. The first two episodes this January will feel more personal than focused on the cases the law firm is currently processing. However, Korsh said they had no intention of surprising the fans because there was a “precedent” to Jessica’s departure.

How will Harvey and Louis be without Jessica?

Though Suits has always portrayed Harvey and Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) as cold and relentless lawyers, they won’t be too cool this midseason premiere. In fact, they will both have to go through various emotions because of Jessica’s departure from the firm. Harvey will lean on Donna, in particular.

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The two, however, have to work forward to bring the firm together. They will have to lean on people in their lives to survive what would be the hardest period of their professional lives. Korsh hinted Jessica could be back in the last half of the season, but let’s just wait and see.

What’s with Darvey?

Harvey and Donna can sometimes be the only reason fans watch this show. In fact, this storyline seems to be the most popular among Suits’ viewers. There is good reason for that: Donna’s such a good character while Harvey’s typical male protagonist—aloof but emotionally attached to Donna.

During the midseason finale, the two held hands, probably the first real “romantic” interaction they had since all the drama about their feelings. Korsch assured this little tidbit won’t be left alone. Suits is bound to address this hand-holding in the next episodes.

Of course, Suits won’t be Suits without some Donna moments. We’ll get that, Korsch promised. There is a very specific “funny” storyline that will focus on Donna this season, so let’s watch out for that.

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