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Stranger Things Season 2: What We Want To Happen In Season 2

Fans of this hit Netflix sci-fi series cannot wait enough for Stranger Things Season 2. Speculations about what will happen next season is rampant, but there has been no exact confirmation from The Duffer Brothers about what to expect.

It is a long wait before Season 2 arrives in the rumored July 2017 premiere. But while we’re waiting for any kind of news from the creators, let’s take a look at what we, the fans, want to see in Season 2.

We want Eleven back in Stranger Things Season 2

For a time, there were rumors that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) won’t be back for Stranger Things Season 2. Her role as the powerful El is reportedly finished in Season 1. What we’re holding on is the belief that Chief Hopper (David Harbour) was seen leaving a piece of cake in the woods (presumably, this is for Eleven).

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Stranger Things Season 2

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We want Will to be a monster… but to be safe, too

Wouldn’t it be interesting if Will (Noah Schnapp) becomes a mini version of a Demogorgon himself? His mother, Joyce (Winona Ryder), and his friends—Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin)—did everything humanly possible to bring him back. What a twist of fate if Will comes back to them with Demogorgon eggs incubating inside of him!

Still, by the end of Season 2, we want to see Will safe and sound in Joyce’s arms. Every mother deserves that after what she has been through in Season 1. We just can’t help a little mystery when it’s staring us right on the face.

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We want Barbara to come back alive

We’re still not sure how The Duffer Brothers will manage to bring Barb (Shannon Purser) back when she’s clearly “dead” in Season 1. But wouldn’t it be a hoot to see her back and for her not to ever want to be friends with Nancy (Natalia Dyer) again?

Nancy’s fine, but she was a little selfish in Season 1, you have to admit that.

We want Jonathan to find a new love

In all indications, it looks like Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) had a very sad life in his home. Nancy, on the other hand, has a charmed life. It’s such a pain to see Jonathan pinning after a girl who wants nothing to do with him (except when her brother’s life was on the line).

Why couldn’t Jonathan find someone who feels the same way about him in Stranger Things Season 2? That would somehow bring life and light in his already bleak existence.

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