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Stranger Things Season 2: Trailer, Release Date, New Cast, Everything To Know

The second half of Super Bowl LI saw a new trailer for Stranger Things season 2. Not only was that spooky, but also bloody intriguing!

Intriguing, due to a retro commercial portraying two kids and an Eggo waffle. What looks like a setting from the 80’s is spooky enough, but the kids’ “Leggo my Eggo” adds the flavor to it. Besides the surrealism, it’s the ‘world going upside down’ that raises the stakes. Stranger Things season 2 is currently under production in Atlanta and it’s shaping up just fine, turns out. Not to mention, the cast additions!

Stranger Things Season 2: Trailer, Cast

Netflix’s Stranger Things had a debut season most of the shows can only dream of. The fan frenzy, debate, furor and the cliffhangers among others. In the wake of the news of a reprise, the anticipation is high. In the light of the 40-second Super Bowl LI promo, it is safe to hope for another season full of strange things.

Despite the mystery shrouding the plot of the second season, TV Line sheds light on some details. For starters, the show runners made an initial announcement with an outlandish photo of the ensemble cast. Sadie Sink and Dacre Montgomery, the new addition, albeit were in presence. So was Millie Bobby Brown whose future with the show was dubious up until then. Conspicuous absentees were the adults, Winona Ryder (Joyce) and David Harbour (Jim).

Speaking of adults, Paul Reiser and Sean Astin are set to join the cast of Stranger Things season 2. Also, both the actors will have prominent roles to play in the upcoming season. Paul Reiser will play Dr. Owens, who is a figurehead of an energy corporation responsible for a cleaning-up program. Sean Astin of the Lord of the Rings fame, on the other hand, will play a geek by the name Bob Newby. Bob, Joyce and Hopper go way back in time during their high school times, reportedly.

Release Date And Plot

The teaser-trailer has it that the second season will arrive just in time for Halloween. The timing couldn’t be better eh! Besides, news from the grapevine speak of an even spookier season in comparison with the predecessor. Halloween and its wake should be eventful in that vein, of course.

The official logline for the second season reveals ‘darkness’ that will put Hawkins in the hands of jeopardy. The chronology of the events will kick-off a year after Will’s return, needless to say. Danish actress Linnea Berthelsen’s imminent addition to the cast might provide a different arc to Hawkins’ affairs. Her character has nothing to do with Hawkins and everything to do with Hawkins at the same time. Strange.

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