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Stranger Things Season 2: 5 Fan Theories We Want to Happen

After Stranger Things Season 2 has just been confirmed, fan theories about the fate of the Demogorgon hunters have been rampant. What will happen to Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown)? And is Will (Noah Schnapp) the same Will Byers everyone knows?

Or, how about Barb (Shannon Purser)? The show’s creators confirmed she will be back for Season 2, but will it be a Grimm-like character? Until Season 2 premieres, we can only hope for these questions to be answered. For the meantime, here are our five favorite fan theories that we wish would happen next season.

#1 Demogorgons will be stronger in Stranger Things Season 2!

In Season 1, we saw the Demogorgon being vanished by Eleven. We were led to believe that it’s the end of those monsters, but theories are wild that there will be stronger Demogorgons in Stranger Things Season 2. This means that the hunters will have to face their biggest fears again and defeat a Demogorgon more powerful than they ever encountered.

Stranger Things Season 2

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Dacre Montgomery

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#2 Will is not the real Will?

William Byers came back to his family in Season 1, and that officially closed the season. Eleven vanished into thin air and everyone returned to their normal suburban lives. But at the end of Season 1, Will was seen coughing out what looks like a mini Demogorgon.

He didn’t notice it, but the fans sure did. Now, fans are saying that he is most likely a part-Demogorgon and in order to defeat that world, the hunters would have to face against their beloved friend.

#3 Eleven kills Will?

We sure don’t want to see this happen but if it is the only way to defeat the Demogorgon, then there’s no other way than to let Eleven kill Will. Fans believe that in order to save Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Eleven would have to eliminate Will and the Demogorgon inside of him.

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#4 Barb returns as a monster!

We all know Barbara will be returning for Season 2, but we also know she died in Season 1 after being abducted by the Demogorgon. So, who is returning for next season? Fans believe Barbara’s character will be one of the monsters in Season 2.

#5 Another portal will open!

The boys don’t believe that Eleven is dead so in order to find her, they may unconsciously open another portal to a dark universe, one stranger and deadlier than where they found the Demogorgon.

Are these some of the theories you have for Stranger Things Season 2? We certainly cannot wait for next season to begin.

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