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Steven Universe Season 4: New Episodes In January; Yellow Diamond Returns

Steven Universe season 4 updates have gotten many fans excited! It was recently announced that new episodes will be aired beginning Jan. 30, 2017. Interestingly, the new slate of episodes will be entitled Stevenbombs and will feature Steven’s crazier adventures.

Read on to know more what to expect when Steven Universe is back on the small screen.

Steven Universe season 4 speculations: Yellow Diamond could make a comeback

Tripped Media previously reported about the show’s newest episodes and a brief description for each. However, fans have made new speculations about what to expect after the show’s exciting season 3 finale. Interestingly, there have been new fan theories as reported by Mobile N Apps. Reportedly, on the Steven Universe subreddit, user zodyia suggests that a new storyline involving Yellow Diamond could take place.

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The user’s speculation goes something like this: “There will be another Diamond Communicator in Pink Diamond’s Palanquin which a conflicted Jasper will use to call HW,” the Reddit user wrote. The theory suggests that Jasper will tell Yellow Diamond huge secrets. But she will later on regret doing so. By the time Jasper realizes it, it will be too late for her to take back what she said.

Moreover, there are also talks surrounding the Homeworld gems getting ready for battle. On the other hand, the Crystal Gems, Lapis, Jasper, and Peridot are also bracing for this monumental fight.

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Steven Universe season 4 will show explosive new adventures, and possibly, a twist

On the other hand, Travelers Today has reported that there is a high possibility that a huge twist awaits followers of the show. Recently, the show’s official Facebook page dropped a teaser with a caption saying that Steven’s universe will be “a little bigger.” The image shows a sketch of Palanquin, the iconic carriage used by Blue Diamond in the episode called The Answer. Because of this, many fans speculate that Blue Diamond is not the real owner of the vehicle. Instead, it could belong to The Great Diamond Authority member Pink Diamond, who was originally “in charge of the Earth’s colonization” since it bears the same color.

At the moment, while there have been descriptions for each of the new episodes next month, fans can only wait it out before Steven is back again for action-packed adventures.

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