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Steven Universe Season 4 Episodes Leaked on Cartoon Network App

Steven Universe season 4 has been much anticipated by fans. That’s why it came as a huge surprise when fans found ‘leaked’ episodes of the new season on the Cartoon Network app no less.

Apparently, this move was done by the TV network on purpose. Many then are wondering what could be the intention behind leaking these much-awaited episodes. Read on to find out what really is happening behind the scenes of the favorite cartoon series.

Steven Universe season 4 episodes leaked online

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Last Jan. 2, fans were shocked to see the show’s new episodes available on the Cartoon Network app. Just like other “leaked” contents, other viewers redistributed the episodes which bothered the show’s loyal followers in the light of spoilers.

A report from Polygon revealed that the leak happened around 9 PM. Apparently, fans who had the Cartoon Network app on their phones were surprised to see the show’s new episodes already uploaded. The episodes were not supposed to be available until Jan. 30, when season 4 was supposed to air.

With the leaked episodes, fans now speculate that indeed Steven Universe may be in the brink of cancellation. There were rumors about the show not being renewed until a few weeks ago when Cartoon Network announced the news about the next season’s five episodes. Because of this, many people now fear that their beloved fantasy cartoon series may be wiped off the air pretty soon.

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Steven Universe season 4 leaked episodes done on purpose?

Accordingly, a bigger surprise shocked fans when a representative of the cable channel said that the leak was done on purpose.

“This is actually something we’ve been doing for some time with a few of our shows through what we call the ‘See It First’ element of the [Cartoon Network] App,” the rep said. Further, the rep mentioned how this move actually “builds awareness for upcoming episodes” before it goes on the linear platform aka TV screens. The rep went on to say how they did this last September for the Might Magiswords show. “We sneaked Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and My Knight and Me.

Fans noticed that the Steven Universe episode indeed had the “See It First” label when the new episodes appeared on the app. However, when they viewed the clip, they were surprised to know that Cartoon Network indeed uploaded the full episodes instead. To date, the cable channel already had taken the offline. Some episodes are still illegally available online after online pirates were able to access the episodes mistaken as clips.

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