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Steven Universe Season 4 Confirmed: 5 New Episodes This January 2017

Steven Universe Season 4 has been making headlines owing to the uncertainty of its release date. However, fans can now rejoice because Cartoon Network’s popular cartoon series has been confirmed to air new episodes when 2017 rolls in.

Get to know what new adventures away Steven and his friends, as well as when you should tune in so you don’t miss out!

Steven Universe Season 4 episode details

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Gizmodo notes that Cartoon Network has announced new episodes for the popular animated series. Steven and the Crystal Gems will be back for a week’s worth of new episodes from Jan. 30 until Feb. 3. And the new episodes have been dubbed as Stevenbomb.

Along with the announcement, Cartoon Network has also announced new episodes for Adventure Time. The new episodes will roll in a week before Steven Universe does. Meanwhile, final episodes for Regular Show will run from Jan. 14 to Jan. 16.

Check out the following new episodes, its release date, and a brief background what is to happen then:

Monday, Jan. 30: Steven’s Dream – This episode will be about a strange dream that Steven has and knowing him, he won’t rest until he has found what his dream meant

Monday, Jan. 30: Adventures in Light Distortion – This episode will feature Steven and the Crystal Gems embarking on a search and recovery mission.

Tuesday, Jan. 31: Gem Heist – This Tuesday episode will feature The Gems trying to pull off a heist—Will they succeed or fail?

Wednesday, Feb. 1: The Zoo – The second to the last episode will show Steven visiting a “special zoo”

Thursday, Feb. 2: That Will Be All – Lastly, this episode will show Steven and the Gems try to make a daring escape

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Steven Universe Season 4 hiatus finally ends

With the confirmation of new episodes, Steven Universe fans are delighted that the hiatus has finally ended. A few months ago, followers of the show were worried that Cartoon Network had axed the show for good due to lack of updates regarding new episodes. News about Stevenbomb though has gotten many people excited as it was reported by Latin Post that it will be very much like Steven NukeSteven Nuke aired last summer with a month’s worth of daily episodes for the show.

With the network’s announcement of five fresh episodes dropping next month, avid followers of the show are definitely thrilled to ring in the new year on a happy note!

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