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Steve Carell ‘Confirms’ The Office: Stop Playing With Our Feelings!

Never strike Steve Carell off – for he will get you all worked-up, only to disappoint later. His gaffe with The Office revival tweet wasn’t funny at all.

The American comedy series, The Office, had a spellbinding run from 2005 to 2013. Steve Carell, at the cynosure, saw the viewers go suckers for the show. In the wake of its conclusion, Steve went on to make his mark on the big-screen too. He gave powerful performances in The Big Short and Foxcatcher. The latter earning him an Academy nomination too.

Steve Carell: The Office Tweet

Firstly, Steve has his comedy roots going back to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Subsequently, he went on to play Michael Scott in The Office. After he came into some recognition, he made sporadic appearances in some movies even. He mostly stuck to comedy roles, but has made successful to transition to other genres over the years.

Steve took to his Twitter account recently to make a rather surprising announcement. He wrote that NBC is reviving The Office back. Coming from the actor himself, fans naturally didn’t see it as a hoax. Not to mention, it was from Steve’s offical account. Steve immediately tweets another message, rectifying his earlier mistake that it was indeed ‘Will & Grace‘ that was making a return.

Turns out, it was a ‘typo’ from Steve’s end that prompted the tweet in question, reports USA Today. Furthermore, he went on a damage control to pacify the fans who were disappointed. Needless to say, most fans were overjoyed at the thought of renewal, but were immediately put-off. The said tweet from Steve Carell has since garnered 216,000 likes, needless to say.

The Office

The NBC series has a robust fan base even to this day. Besides, the network is seemingly contemplating revival of their past series. Will & Grace is set for all new season, reportedly. Therefore, it’s no audacity to hope for the revival of The Office. Steve, for instance, might not turn down such a prospect considering it’s in his thoughts.

There were some hilarious reactions to Steve’s tweet. His co-star B.J. Novak spoke out on a talk show about how Steve’s tweet was “very Michael Scott move of him”. Steve, with his perpetual wit and humor, made it nothing but a levity, perhaps.

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