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SNL Korea Season 8 Ends Early Due to Controversies – Get the Details

SNL Korea Season 8 will officially end on Dec. 24. TVN released an official statement last Dec. 10 regarding the show’s last episode. According to the statement, the network accepts the criticisms they were receiving. The message was capped with a promise to return with a better season.

Some reports claimed that the sexual harassment issues forced the network to stop SNL Korea for the meantime. However, the staff reported that Dec. 24 had been long planned as the last episode for the show.

SNL Korea Season 8: The Controversies

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The last few months have bombarded the comedy show with controversies regarding sexual assault on guests. The issue began when a certain video clip emerged online. The clip contained a behind-the-scenes footage of boy group B1A4 being groped by the female comedians of the show. Although the members of the group thought it was funny, fans thought otherwise.

Fuel was added to the fire when similar clips surfaced on the internet. This time, the groups INFINITE and Block B were shown to have endured the same treatment. With the outrage the show was receiving from the group’s fans, staff posted an apology to B1A4 on their official Facebook page. Comedian Lee Se Young also apologized via Instagram.

B1A4 already acknowledged the apology but fans were not pleased. Many pointed out that SNL Korea Season 8 must show remorse for INFINITE, Block B, and the rest of the male celebrities who went through the same treatment.

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The Consequences

One of the cast members of SNL Korea Season 8, Lee Se Young, has decided to indefinitely leave the show. In addition to that, the sexual harassment case has been reported to the police. Investigations began and it was reported that Lee Se Young and SNL Korea will be questioned. The groups INFINITE and Block B will be investigated as well. No specific dates were given but the agencies of each group agreed to cooperate when the police comes.

There were mixed reactions coming from fans. Some were happy that the case will finally be solved. There are also some who want all of the cast members and staff of the show be questioned as well, claiming that Lee Se Young was being used as a scapegoat.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that singer Hwa Chi Yeol will be the last host for the season.

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