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Snapchat Reality Show – Because Ex Partners Deserve A Proper Burial!

Fancy an idea of exes getting in touch to settle some old scores? In that case, Snapchat reality show ‘Second Chance‘ is all you need.

A&E Networks and Snapchat are collaborating a Snapchat reality show that will host ex partners to face each other again. Subsequently, they will engage in a conversation and a bit of retrospection. This can go down in both ways. Either it can help them see eye to eye, arrive on a common ground and find an amicable closure or simply make things worse. Considering both have moved on to greener pastures, likelihood of an amicable closure seems about right.

Snapchat Reality Show: Second Chance

Second Chance will literally necessitate a situation between exes to bury the hatchet. Besides, chances are that most of the relationships ended on an acrimonious note. In that vein, the reality show will bring exes together from all walks of life. Over the course of 8 weeks, several stories will come to light once weekly, reports Techcrunch!

In the episodes, couples can talk from what went south in their relationship to their new-found relationships. This venture of Snapchat’s comes in the light of the success of 2015’s first original scripted series, Literally Can’t Even. Additionally, Snapchat has cut a deal with ABC for the recap of the Bachelor. Not to mention, Snapchat’s tie up with BBC for the telecast of Planet Earth II.

The crux here is the ambiguity that lies with the outcome of a meeting between the long-lost love stories. Needless to say, it can take a turn for the worse too. Some past is better left buried, if dug open, will fetch nothing but pain. Perhaps, that’s what A&E has in mind. The network is due to receive a hefty paycheck from Snapchat, while the advertisement revenue will go into Snapchat’s pockets.

Snapchat Reality Show: Development

Networks are breaking the conventional cycle of program telecast by striking mega deals with the social-media platforms. Case in point, A&E set up a production studio, 45th and Dean, last year to develop projects like ‘Second Chance‘. Bottom-line of this venture solely lies on the fact that both Snapchat and A&E Network have common agenda here – growth. A&E will capitalize on Snapchat’s user base to promote its content.

Snapchat, on the other hand, can stay ahead of the curve by incorporating alluring reality shows. In the wake of Instagram’s Snapchat-stories-esque service launch, Snapchat’s leverage on the social-media market was deteriorating in influence. This should explain why Snapchat is taking no prisoners with their expansion plans. Keeping ‘Second Chance‘ in mind, Snapchat might be looking at something big here. Second chance sells!

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