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Sherlock Season 5: Why Fans Thought We Were Getting Another Episode

Did you know that Sherlock Season 5 hopeful fans thought the premiere of Apple Tree Yard last Sunday was a Sherlock episode in disguise? Well, it turned out they were wrong, and they were livid about it. BBC received some angry tweets their way when their new four-part drama series turned out not to be Sherlock.

Although The Final Problem received the lowest rating of any Sherlock finale, many fans were still hopeful that they would get another episode. They went so far as to saying that in three to four years (as was customary of Sherlock), they will get a Season 5. But, that’s not really happening anytime in the future, right?

Sherlock Season 5 please, and not Apple Tree Yard

Apple Tree Yard aired on the timeslot Sherlock used for its three new episodes for Season 4. This is the reason why many fans were hopeful that this was BBC’s way of surprising them with another Sherlock episode or even perhaps a teaser for Sherlock Season 5. But lo and behold, Apple Tree Yard will officially become the ‘not Sherlock‘ show.

Sherlock Season 5Ping Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Mel

Tweets for BBC ranged from annoyed to disappointed to downright livid. One fan by the Twitter handle of @toughof_fangirl imagines how the premiere Apple Tree Yard can surprise Sherlock fans. “Imagine: apple tree yard stops in the middle of the episode, the screen turns black, the Sherlock theme starts playing and episode 4 begins.”

While Sherlock was never a stranger to shocking revelations, this was a hope too far-fetched because Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman clearly don’t have time for games in the real world. The two are so in-demand in Hollywood that they are the reason why Season 4 was delayed for almost a year, and why there could be no Season 5 on the horizon.

Sherlock Season 5 is never happening?

While the writers behind Sherlock are open to creating another season of the series (there are still loads of untouched Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories), Cumberbatch and Freeman may not be interested, reports suggested.

According to The Sun, as quoted by IB Times, the two do not get along together despite working for more than six years now. Cumberbatch, of course, denied these reports and said that he and Freeman are both busy with their work schedules. He said he’s open to reprising his role as Sherlock “when it’s right.” Let’s just keep our fingers cross that we will get to see Sherlock Season 5 in maybe three years?

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