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Sherlock Season 4: We Are So Ready For It!!!

After three years of hiatus, Sherlock Season 4 will be back. But this time, we may be surprised that our favorite detective is “slightly less of a d*ck.” Even John Watson (Martin Freeman), Sherlock’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) loyal sidekick and the best of friends, is turning over a new leaf with Mary Morstan (Amanda Abbington) and their newborn.

Except for a one-off special called The Abominable Bride in January 2016, we haven’t seen much of Sherlock and Dr. Watson for three years. The first episode entitled The Six Thatchers will premiere on Jan. 1 while The Lying Detective and The Final Problem will air on Jan. 8 and 15, respectively. There will only be three full-length episodes for this season.

Has Sherlock really changed in Sherlock Season 4?

Earlier, Cumberbatch explained that the world’s most famous detective is having a bit of “humanity” shock in Sherlock Season 4. He explained that Sherlock is being more responsible with his actions but being the “genius” that he is, he knows that it’s a slow process. This coincided with co-creator Mark Gatiss’ definition of Sherlock’s character as “softening.”

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Sherlock Season 4

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In an interview with Yahoo, Gatiss (who also plays Sherlock’s older brother, Mycroft) said that Sherlock lets some people go because he is compassionate. At the same time, he makes really huge decisions like with Charles Augustus Magnussen because it appalls him and “he just can’t see any other way out.”

As for Cumberbatch, he knows that John’s arrival is a life-changing event for Sherlock. After all, Sherlock’s friendship with the thrill-seeking Dr. Watson was the “humanizing element” in the detective’s life.

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Is Sherlock Season 4 the last one?

Gatiss said that Cumberbatch and Freeman know what Sherlock did for their careers, and they are both very grateful for it. So grateful that they keep coming back to do it even though they don’t need to. Both Cumberbatch and Freeman are in-demand actors in Hollywood today.

Gatiss can’t say for sure when Sherlock will end because it’s all a matter of scheduling their projects. He hopes there will be more time for the actors to come back because it has been fun for him to realize the stories he wants to tell.

Sherlock Season 4 will begin this Jan. 1, just in time to cure you from your New Year’s Eve hangover.

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