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Sherlock Season 4: Here’s What Is Really Happening To The Show

There is no one word to describe the first episode of Sherlock Season 4. It’s intriguing, devastating, painful, deceiving, and annoying, all at the same time. While most of the fans focus on E (Sian Brooke), John Watson’s (Martin Freeman) love interest, and on the non-comeback of Moriarty (Andrew Scott), other things in Episode 1 caught our attention.

While Mary Watson’s (Amanda Abbington) death is a big surprise, it wasn’t really inevitable because of her life before meeting Sherlock and John. It actually brings everything into a kind of balance—John back to being depressed and Sherlock finding some humanity in him.

Will the “other brother” appear in Sherlock Season 4?

Shame on you if you missed Mycroft’s (Mark Gatiss) two references about purportedly the third Sherlock brother in Sherlock Season 4. The first one was a throwback to Season 3 when he said, “You know what happened to the other one” when explaining his brotherly sentiments for Sherlock. The second reference happened at the end of Episode 1 when Mycroft waited (insert shock face here) for Sherrinford.

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Sherlock Season 4

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For those non-Doyle fans, Sherrinford was originally the name the author considered for Sherlock. It’s also a character used in non-Doyle stories about Sherlock Holmes. If creators Gatiss and Steven Moffat will follow the theory, they would make Sherrinford work in the Holmes’ family estate. This is the only reason Mycroft (as an older brother) was allowed to work for the government.

What’s more interesting is the actor tapped to play Sherrinford. Earlier reports said it could be Tom Hiddleston (Loki in Thor and The Avengers), though there was never any real confirmation of this tidbit. Wouldn’t it be great to see our very own Benedict Cumberbatch turning the screens hotter with Hiddleston?

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Will we see Moriarty back to life?

It was clear that Moriarty was dead. That much Sherlock already clarified for the British government and for us. But the game, as Sherlock said, goes on even beyond the villain’s death.

While Sherlock believes that a game was planted by Moriarty posthumously, there was no hint of it in The Six Thatchers. What Sherlock Season 4 Episode 1 did is t o close a chapter of Sherlock’s life (the one with John and Mary) and open up another one (Sherlock alone once more and possibly facing the biggest threat to his skills).

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