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Sherlock Season 4: What To Expect In The Final Problem

Here we are again at an important crossroad. Sherlock Season 4 is about to end with The Final Problem on Jan. 15, and we still don’t have any idea if it will be the last we see of Benedict Cumberbatch as the self-centered, egoistic, genius detective Sherlock Holmes.

The Final Problem is going to be Sherlock’s most action-packed episode yet. A trailer of the episode showed Sherlock and John Watson (Martin Freeman) running away from an explosion. It even showed Sherlock sitting against a very Asgardian (Thor: The Dark World) prison wall.

What does Sherlock Season 4 hold more for us?

It is quite possible that by the end of Sherlock Season 4 The Final Problem, we’ll have some answers we have been waiting for since the series began. We might see the super villain Moriarty come back from the dead (highly improbable) or then again, how about Sherlock’s and Mycroft’s sister, Euros (Sian Brooke) as the “final problem”?

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Back in Episode 2’s The Lying Detective, Sherlock had a flashback of playing with Redbeard. In Season 3, Redbeard was shown dead in Sherlock’s memories. We saw Mycroft in Sherlock’s memories before, but never their sister Euros.

So, how do these all fit in? It’s quite possible that the reason Sherlock never remembered his sister is because he has suppressed memories from his time with her and Redbeard. There’s a theory going on that Euros was the one who killed Redbeard, and Sherlock just chose to forget about it.

The Final Problem may just be the final finale of this series. But as with Sherlock, we are sure it will hold even more questions than answers. Was Moriarty just a ploy and Euros was the one orchestrating the whole thing since Season 2?

Goodbye to Sherlock?

Even before Season 4 began (after three years, mind you), there have been speculations that this is going to be the last season for Cumberbatch and Freeman. The two are now in-demand in Hollywood and even in theaters, so it might be impossible for them to come back and do three episodes per season for Sherlock.

If that is true, then maybe The Final Problem, which is based on Doyle’s last short story, is a fitting end to a series that made us think, question, and yearn for more. We may not be ready to say goodbye to the series, but we sure are ready to see Sherlock Season 4’s The Final Problem.

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