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Shadowhunters Midseason Finale: Episode 10 Will Be Explosive

Shadowhunters fans, are you ready for the mid-season finale? Word around is that it’s going to be the best one yet. Dominic Sherwood who plays Jace and Katherine McNamara who plays Clary teased fans on the upcoming episode. Here’s what you should look forward to this week.

Shadowhunters: What To Expect

On March 6, Shadowhunters is showing their mid-season finale. According to Hollywood Life, Sherwood and McNamara spoke about what to expect in the episode and it’s big, not just for one character but for every single one of them.

Sherwood said that nobody should miss this episode. Tensions and crisis on the impending apocalypse is getting to everyone emotionally and physically. Although that’s all the 27-year-old star can say now, the reveal is enough to get fans hyped.

He also did add a little tidbit about Jace and Valentine (heads up for a little spoiler). Recently, Valentine revealed to Jace that he and Clary aren’t siblings. Apparently, they’re going to see each other again in episode 10.

Sherwood added that Jace is “cemented” as the best Shadowhunter. Viewers are learning more about his character and why he’s so powerful and talented. It’s in episode 10 where fans can get to see more of that.

As for McNamara, she shared that the mid-season finale is “gigantic”. McNamara said that while shooting episode 10, she wondered how they would even do this scene in such a limited amount of time. McNamara gives credit to the crew of the series and everyone else in production for it. She mentions thanking director of the episode Josh Butler and producing director Matt Hastings for getting things done. “It’s crazy!” McNamara expressed.

Well, we can’t wait to see episode 10 ourselves after what these two just said.

Malec Moment

Aside from Jace and Clary, there are two characters fans really love. Magnus and Alec just confessed to each other recently but somehow, fans are still not assured that the both are okay.

TVLine spoke to showrunners Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer and said it seemed that Alec seemed to meant that “I love you” more than Magnus. The showrunners replied that it was “definitely reciprocal”.

They described the scene as what happens when someone you love is in danger and you think you lost them. But when they realize they’re alive, a moment of realization just sinks in. Slavkin and Swimmer described the moment as beautiful and Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario who play Magnus and Alec respectively “crushed” it.

Are you ready for Shadowhunters? We know we are. Catch it on Freeform on March 6.

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