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Shadowhunters: Jocelyn Dead; What’s Next For Clary

Freeform Network’s Shadowhunters pulled-off a cliffhanger in the latest episode. By and large, showrunners are contemplating an aberration from the book.

Fans of the fantasy series couldn’t have possible thought of such a drastic turn of events in Shadowhunters. Moreover, the original book is in contrast to the latest developments. Important to note that the show runners had hinted at such developments early on. Nonetheless, it took the fans by surprise. Most are unable to comprehend it too.

Shadowhunters: Season 2

After garnering generally positive reviews in the debut season, expectations are naturally high in the successor season. Clary Fray’s mother Jocelyn (Maxim Roy) fell victim to a demonic attack and breathed her last. By this, fans were taken by surprise and their Twitter activity testifies to that fact.

Jocelyn went AWOL in the debut season and had less impact on the reminder of the season. Subsequently, she made it back to prominence in the second season. The mother-daughter relationship was strained initially, but they came to a common ground later on. Before long, Jocelyn has fallen.

The noteworthy part of this is indeed the divergence of Shadowhunters from Cassandra Clare’s fantasy series. Fans are in a conundrum after Jocelyn’s death and are in search of answers, obviously. TV Guide reports earlier statements of Katherine McNamara where she spills the beans on how Jocelyn’s death is a necessary in the grand scheme of things.

What Next?

The preview of the the subsequent episode hints at Clary trying to redeem Jocelyn from dead. Although, it’s a tad too much to anticipate such a turn of events, one cannot strike it off. Clary was upset that her mother had left a lot of information concealed before her abduction. Perhaps, she has a void in her life again.

Needless to say, Clary won’t be swayed from her mother’s death in her fight against the evil. She and other core actors will continue their crusade, of course. EP’s of the show are keeping the suspense quotient to the book readers even. In the wake of Jocelyn’s death, stakes are higher and the series is on a different course.

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