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Scandal Season 6 Premiere Delay Was Not An Easy Decision

Fans were shocked to find out that the return of Shondaland drama series Scandal season 6 would be delayed. Following the news that the premiere of three of Rhimes’ show will be postponed, ABC Entertainment president Channing Dudgey spoke out how delaying the show’s return was actually a “very hard call.” What urged the network to put off the return of Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, and Grey’s Anatomy? Find out and read more below.

Scandal season 6 return delayed for another week

Many people have been waiting for the return of Scandal which was originally announced to hit small screens on Jan. 16. However, a report from TV Line revealed that The 20/20 special America’s First Family: The Trumps Go To Washington would instead air that night. This bumped up the much-awaited return of #TGIT’s well-promoted shows to Jan. 26.

“It was a very hard call. Believe me,” Dungey shared with the outlet during the network’s Television Critics Association press tour soiree. “Nobody else has been waiting for it bigger than me.”

Though many fans are upset by the longer wait, Dungey said there had been previous conversations with ABC News about possibly “leading into Inauguration Day with a Thursday special.” “Everyone is always jockeying for what is going to be the best story, the best opportunity,” Dungey said.

Scandal season 6: Is there something else causing the delay?

To assuage fans, Dungey explained how ABC News previously pitched a two-hour profile of the new First Family. However, it was cut in half as the network kept #TGIT’s return intact.

“But then in conversations, we felt like it was better to move all of #TGIT to the following week and have it come  out at once,” she said. However, despite Dungey’s explanation, many speculate that there could be another reason for the delay of these #TGIT programs.

In fact, the same outlet also notes how ABC News did not air any similar “pre-inauguration profile eight years ago” before President Barack Obama assumed office. Dungey then conceded that after the Nov. 8 elections, the United States has faced a more “complicated and difficult” transition process. She closed the discussion saying how “there is a lot to be said,” yet “ABC News is very anxious to be saying it.”

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