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Scandal Season 6 Episode 8: Abby Gets A $300 Million Offer; Will Huck Survive

Are you ready for Scandal Season 6 Episode 8? Spoilers hint that in the upcoming episode, Abby will get an offer that she may find difficult to refuse. Meanwhile, fans were stunned when Meg shot Huck three times in the chest in the previous episode. Moreover, they wonder whether he was able to survive the gunshots.

Scandal Season 6 Episode 8 Spoilers

In the upcoming Scandal Season 6 episode, Abby (Darby Stanchfield) gets an offer from two people who she initially thought took interest in President Grant’s (Tony Goldwyn) library. reports that Abby will get a $300 million offer to be on their side.

Whoever these people are, they must have something “more sinister” planned to offer her with this ridiculous sum of money. Moreover, the outlet notes that fans are also curious to know what do they expect Abby to do in order to get the $300 million.

With this huge amount of money, Abby is probably going to be tasked to do something big, something that is worth the amount of money she is going to get after successfully executing it. In the Scandal Season 6 Episode 8 trailer, viewers will see Stanchfield’s character deliberating whether she wants to take the offer or not. Towards the end, she gets on the phone and says, “I’m in.”

Spoilers hint that this secret task they want Abby to do somewhat stems back on the night of the elections. Furthermore, the outlet notes that it’s, more or less, connected to what happened to Huck (Guillermo Diaz) in the previous episode.

More on Abby's explosive secret is revealed this Thursday. #Scandal

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Is Huck Dead Or Alive?

International Business Times reports that in Scandal Season 6 Episode 7, Huck’s girlfriend, Meg (Phoebe Neidhardt) shot him three times in his chest. The latter report notes that Meg left Huck “fighting for his dear life.” Avid viewers want to know if Diaz’s character survived those gunshot wounds.

At the PaleyFest 2017 last Sunday, March 26, Diaz got asked about Huck’s status. Unfortunately, Diaz did not want to spill the beans about his character’s situation. Fans will have to watch Episode 8 titled A Stomach For Blood to see whether Huck is dead or alive.

Still screaming WHAT THE HUCK?! #Scandal

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Meanwhile, Scandal viewers are also wary about Papa Pope’s (Joe Morton) role in the series. At the same festival, Morton opened up about his character, Rowan. The outlet notes that though Rowan is responsible for Frankie Vargas’ (Ricardo Chavira) assassination, he did not want him dead. The source notes that a mysterious organization ordered Rowan to kill Vargas. This is so that Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) can become the next US President. Moreover, Morton clarified that he is not the enemy in Season 6. “I’m not the predator; I’m just a very smart prey,” the actor explains.

Scandal Season 6 Episode 8 will air on Thursday, March 30 on ABC. What do you think Abby needs to do to get her $300 million? Share your thoughts with us!

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