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Scandal Season 6: Cyrus Could Be Heading For Prison

Scandal season 6 is getting more intense after its mid-season break. The presidential elections surprised so many fans with its explosive events. Frank Vargas (Ricardo Chavira) was assassinated, with his death being pinned on VP candidate Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry). Many now wonder if Cyrus really killed Frankie so he could become the next president. Reports are making rounds about Cyrus going to jail in the next episode.

Scandal Season 6: Cyrus Beene Could Go To Jail

TV Line published an exclusive interview with actor Jeff Perry. He plays the cunning and manipulative former chief of staff Cyrus Beene who now has a shot at the presidency.

“Cyrus is in absolute survival mode and disorientation,” Perry said. “How the hell do I get out of this? Is there any getting out of this?’ He’s put in desperate circumstances.”

Perry also shares that when he and the cast were doing the table read, they were initially excited for what’s to come and admits that he was “fooled by multiple twists during his first experience with the script.” Knowing that this is another of Shonda Rhimes’ works, much like the riveting Viola Davis-starring drama series, fans already know it’s bound to be another crazy ride.

Perry says how the next scenes will show “the exploration of someone who called himself a Republican overlord.” We saw Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Cyrus work together to put Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) in the oval, so now that Cyrus feels alone, expect “a great deal of dehumanization” to happen.

Scandal Season 6: Jeff Perry Admits Next Episodes To Be More Intense

Perry has been a big fan of social media, so he knew that some Scandal fans wanted to put Cyrus behind bars. Not only because of the recent turn of events, but because of his transgressions when he was still Fitz’ chief of staff. He himself considers the whole experience to have been “taxing fun.”

He also shared that there will be a “difficult” scene involving Olivia and Cyrus. But he didn’t elaborate any further, because it would just be giving too much away.

Is Cyrus Beene involved in any way with the murder of Frankie Vargas? Or could this be a sneaky way for Papa Pope to make himself known again? Is B6-13 gathering the impetus to re-appear in the show? Or should the presidency just be given to Mellie? Sound off in the comments below!

Scandal airs every Thursday night at 10/9c on ABC.

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