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Saturday Night Live Has A Lot To Thank Donald Trump For

It seems like Saturday Night Live has plenty of thanks owed to President Donald Trump. What better way for the long-running comedy to welcome him than by lampooning him in every possible way? He’s been the subject of much of the show’s sketches – typically portrayed by Alec Baldwin.

And the result is, as Trump himself might say, “absolutely fantastic”. Saturday Night Live is seeing its highest ratings in over twenty years. How did this happen?

A Ratings Revival

SNL’s season 42 viewership has seen an uptick, from last year’s 8.7 million to this year’s 10.6 million. That’s a sharp 22% increase. According to Variety, its most recent episode got a 2.5 rating among adults in the heavy 18-49 demographic. Only the CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory was higher. The episode saw SNL alumna Melissa McCarthy getting in on the Trump comedy gold mine as well.

The reason for the pull-up of ratings is not hard to figure out: Donald Trump has been the most polarizing president of recent memory. With his fair share of critics, it was only time before people flocked to Saturday Night Live to watch a few good roasts.

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And it’s a quite the burn-fest, too. The show has blasted Trump’s derogatory comments in 2005 about grabbing women by the p—-. It has lampooned Trump’s travel ban (which the Baldwin-Trump claimed everybody loved). It hit on Trump’s urge to make Mexico pay for his wall. Some of those in Trump’s camp haven’t been safe either: Sean Splicer and Mike Pence have been on the end of some zingers as well.

McCarthy’s portrayal of Splicer, in particular, hit all the right notes. She came out verbally abusing the members of the press from the start, while evading a number of significant White House issues. For SNL fans, the sketch was a hit.

Trump On Twitter

How has the President actually responded to all this? Well, he wasn’t impressed. And, as he’s been known to do since his campaigning period, he took to Twitter to express his apparent displeasure.

He’s been particularly critical of Alec Baldwin, who is hosting the show this weekend for a 17th time. Other recent and memorable Donald Trump tweets include him slamming CNN reports (such as those on the attendance of his inauguration), calling the New York Times fake news, and calling Obama the worst president the US has had.

Safe to say, Saturday Night Live will have plenty of material to work with for the next four years.

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