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Saturday Night Live: Kellyanne Conway ‘Fatal Attraction’ Skit Made Some Squeamish

Kellyanne Conway really, really wants to be back on the news. At least, that’s what Saturday Night Live’s latest skit with the Donald Trump spokesperson is trying to say. Kate McKinnon reprised her role as Kellyanne Conway, on the 17th night that Alec Baldwin hosted the longtime running comedy show.

The skit also feature’s Beck Bennet combing his hair back to play CNN anchor Jake Tapper. The skit starts out innocently enough, with Conway ambushing Tapper at his apartment. Things do take a turn for the gruesome, however, inviting a storm of mixed reactions online.

I Will Not Be Ignored

The scene takes a few obvious elements from Fatal Attraction. Sure, the McKinnon-Conway starts off looking like a simply overworked version of the real-life Kellyanne, with some stalker-ish tendencies:

“I just want to be a part of the news, Jake,” she says.

“And this is how you do it? By breaking into my apartment?” Tapper answers.

“Well what was I supposed to do? You weren’t answering my calls, you changed your number… I’m not going to be ignored, Jake!”

But things quickly turn for the crazier. He explains that she had made up a story about a massacre before, so they couldn’t have her back on the news. She responds by trying to seduce him (“I want to feel that hot, black, mic pressed up against my skin”). When that failed, she resorted to threatening him: She picks up a knife and throws it at Jake, where it buries itself in the wall, missing his face by inches. Glenn Close from the 1980’s would have been proud.

The Saturday Night Live skit ends with Conway, now totally unhinged, accidentally tumbling out of a window. She hits the ground, her body apparently breaking. But she gets up and puts herself back together in a way ominously reminiscent of Death Becomes Her.

Mixed Reactions

As Saturday Night Live is quite known for doing, the skit made sure to take a few light jabs at the real-life Kellyanne Conway. The scene made references to her story about the Bowling Green Massacre. It also touched on her unethical endorsement of Ivanka Trump’s products, during an appearance for Fox from the White House.

The scene had quite a few fans, especially of Kellyanne Conway’s depiction:

Naturally, as comedy on Saturday Night Live is bound to do, it produced a few critics who called it “sexist” and “boring”:

But notably? The real Kellyanne Conway herself apparently saw the skit (as well as Jake Tapper), and had this to say:

If anything else, at least we can be sure that SNL is having an awful lot of fun with this Administration.

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