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Samurai Jack Season 5: Release Date, Plot Everything To Expect On Show’s Revival

The hype is real as Adult Swim will air a limited series of Samurai Jack Season 5! This time with more explosions, blood and action, the upcoming sequel promises a great storyline for the fans. Adult Swim just released a trailer for the series and it takes place 50 years from where the original series ended.

Samurai Jack Season 5 Release Date

Mark your calendars as Samurai Jack Season 5 will air this March 11. In the trailer, Jack doesn’t seem to age even after 50 years have passed since Aku sent him to the future. Now sporting a beard and machine guns, Jack will have to defeat evil on his own. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t show much more of the concrete plot other than the battles he would have to face.

The trailer suggests that Jack lost his way and that he couldn’t fight like the way he used to. However, right at the middle of the trailer, he says that he ‘found a way’ to defeat Aku. This could mean that Jack finally managed to get back to the past before Aku sent him to the future.

Last December, Adult Swim announced that it will take over Samurai Jack and will create a limited series for the legendary Samurai. Fortunately, the studio decided not to mess up with the animation style of Samurai Jack. Perhaps, the studio learned wisely from the mistake of Cartoon Network from rebooting Teen Titans and other shows.

Plot, And Everything That We Ought To Expect

There seems to be a trend nowadays where childhood cartoons get a reboot to match the age of their audience. Since Cartoon Network will no longer air Samurai Jack, Adult Swim will most probably go all out with this series. Without having to worry about censorship, the show can now make bloody scenes and write a whole lot of swearing in its script.

Despite being a children’s show, the original cartoon had dark themed episodes occasionally. The show dealt with mature issues such as depression and violence. Also, with Tartakovsky returning as the executive producer and Cartoon Network handling the production, the show promises a close to the original storytelling but with deeper plot lines.

Samurai Jack Season 5 is just what Adult Swim fans needed right now as they wait for the third season for Rick and Morty. The much hyped cartoon’s release date hasn’t been announced yet although the producers admit that the sequel is in the works. Are you excited for Samurai Jack? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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