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Riverdale: It Might Be A Zombie Show After All

We all thought Riverdale was going to be light-hearted just like Archie and the gang from the comics. We thought it was going to be fun and humorous. Well, we thought wrong. In fact, it’s simply isn’t just a teen drama with a mystery murder involved. It could even be more than that. It could even be a zombie show after all. Why do we say that? Read on below to find out what the fans have been cooking up as theories on the show.

Afterlife With Archie

If you’ve been reading Archie comics, then you might have stumbled upon Afterlife With Archie. It’s the story where characters become zombies and coincidentally enough, Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is the same creator of Afterlife With Archie.

It’s still too early to tell, but the show having a dark tone already sets it off. There hasn’t been answers regarding the death of Jason Bloom. But what if it’s not just about finding his killer? What if there are even more secrets hidden behind his death?

Sabrina Spellman

There are talks that Sabrina Spellman, popularly known as Sabrina The Teenage Witch, will appear in the show’s season one finale.

In Afterlife With Archie, Sabrina starts the zombie apocalypse by bringing back Jughead’s dog, Hot Dog. Hot Dog then bites Jughead who eventually turns into the undead thereby starting the story’s plot.

Obviously, this isn’t the exact storyline which follows in the series. But if Sabrina Spellman is making an appearance, then who’s to say that nothing supernatural is going to happen?

Cheryl And Jason

Cheryl continues to be distraught over the death of his twin brother Jason who died mysteriously at the start of episode one. But there have been signs that all this leads to a zombified Jason.

One, there’s Cheryl’s nightmare in episode five that has her facing her brother who looks like a zombie. Although that doesn’t mean anything yet, it might be foreshadowing events to come

Two, Cheryl mentioned in episode two that Jason was “supposed to come back.” Cheryl was the one who took her brother to Greendale side of Sweetwater River. It’s a location where Sabrina lives. It could be that Cheryl wanted to resurrect her brother with Sabrina’s help but things didn’t go the way they planned. That could probably be the reason why Jason was found with a gunshot in the head. That’s the universal rule in killing a zombie.

Dilton Doiley

Remember Dilton Doiley? He was firing shots the morning of July 4 to teach his scouts “hardcore survivalist” skills. Jughead asked him about it and Doiley replied that the scouts needed it because of “the way this town is going…” Doesn’t that just point to something supernatural?

What do you think of these Riverdale theories? Share us your thoughts below.

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