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Riverdale Season 1 Spoilers: Incest, Bisexuality, Teacher Romance; What Happened To Archie Comics

The cast of Riverdale Season 1 share their thoughts on their respective character. The CW’s adaptation of the Archie comics Riverdale oozes with sexuality and maturity. It seems that the show prepares to join the massive competition between PG-13 TV shows.

CW’s Riverdale Season 1 Spoilers and Updates: Will There Be Twincest?

One of the most disturbing things in the new TV show is the relationship between the Blossom twins. It seems like the two sees so much more in each other aside from being just brother and sister. In the pilot episode, the Cheryl and Jason Blossom played by Madelaine Petsch and Trevor Stines respectively, went out for a boat ride early in the morning.

True enough, Petsch confirmed that the cast made a joke about their characters playing twincest. Petsch, however, said Cheryl doesn’t see her brother in a sexual way. Their characters just love each other unconditionally and that Cheryl would be distraught when she loses Jason.

Veronica Becoming A Bisexual In Riverdale, Not Impossible

Actor Camila Mendes speaks about her intriguing smooch with character Betty. Mendes, who plays Veronica’s character, admits that the kiss drew the fans attention and started asking question whether Veronica has romantic feelings with Betty. The actress, however, said that the network hasn’t decided yet on whether Veronica would be bisexual or not.

Camila said during the filming of the scene, she didn’t think of the kiss as a romantic one. She describes Veronica to be a manipulative person and that it was her way of getting Cheryl’s attention. Furthermore, Veronica’s action was a way for her to get a hold of the situation.

Cole Sprouse On Judhead’s Sexuality

Former Suite Life On Deck actor Cole Sprouse speaks about CW’s take on Jughead’s sexuality. In the recent comics written by Chip Zdarsky, the story revealed that Archie’s bestfriend, Jughead is indeed asexual. Coke Sprouse, however, immediately clarified that the network won’t be taking that route.

Although he said that Jughead being asexual will add an interesting plot line in Riverdale, Sprouse said that he just plays the role. Whichever sexual orientation will Jughead have, Sprouse will readily play the part.

CW heavily promoted the Archie Comics adaptation Riverdale. We can only hope that it will live up to its hype. The network based the TV adaptation from the revamped Archie Comics from more than 3 years ago. The TV show focuses on the mystery murders in Riverdale.

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