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Rick And Morty Season 3 Here’s What You Didn’t Notice From The Website

Adult Swim hasn’t formally announced Rick and Morty Season 3 airing date but it could be close as to the recent updates the network gives its fans. Recently, the franchise launched its new website for the Galactic Federation. In the show, the Galactic Federation rules the entire galaxy and recently added the Earth as the new member of the federation.

Rick And Morty Season 3 Website

The website shows us a chat feed between gromflomites who hacked into the website to create a private channel. However, upon logging in, we see a glitch that shows a certain user named Fr33R1CK5455 secretly logging in. The user has an omega access to the entire channel.

The feed gets updated regularly with news about humans and what seems like a parody of Buzzfeed. Suspiciously, most news shows the Smith family especially the surveillance videos. The gromflomites also shared a meme out of Jerry’s picture and named it the BasicHuman.

We See The Entire Smiths, Except For Morty

The website gives us bits of info about what’s happening to the Earth now. We see the huge traffic and the aliens treating Earth as a tourist spot and looking at humans as savages. In the surveillances videos, we see Beth always drinking wine and looking melancholic while Jerry lives just like before. Summer gets shown in the background pictures and we also see Mr. Poopy Butthole petting his cat.

Somehow, Morty seems to be missing from any of the pictures that we see from the Earth. We don’t know if the creators did this on purpose but if so, then it could be a clue as to what will happen in season 3. It could be that Morty is not in Earth because he is looking for someone who could free Rick from prison.

Morty Not In The Earth, So Where Is He?

Morty might be in for some trouble as his family gets a special surveillance. It could be that upon going back to the Earth, Morty looked for a way to travel between dimensions using Rick’s devices. In the last episode of the first season, Morty accidentally transported the entire house to another universe when he knocked out a tall device.

From the last two seasons, we know a few characters who could save Rick. We know that Squanch helped the family escape by fighting the Galactic Federation agents but we didn’t see him die. We also know that Evil Morty escaped with the other Mortys and he could help C-137 Morty with his intelligence. If Rick would be lucky, he could also find Krombopulos Michael from the other dimension where he failed to kill him.

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