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Rick And Morty Season 3 New Website Hints The Identity Of Rick’s Saviour

Everyone wants to get shwifty as we wait for the upcoming Rick and Morty Season 3. For now, however, we squeeze out every detail that we could possibly get from the creators and the first two seasons. Fortunately, the cartoon franchise recently launched its galactic federation website where we could tinker a bit and see what to expect for the next season.

Rick And Morty Season 3 Galactic Federation Website

The newly launched website looks good and people could get around and take a look at what’s happening to the Earth. When we click the ‘Rewards’ button, we get to see a feed of users’ comments and Earth news. The Smiths also get a surveillance clip posted on the site.

The website also features a database of all the prisoners of the galactic federation including Rick’s. Rick’s ID, AE-3852-I says that he got arrested for ‘Everything’. Some prisoners are humans and were arrested for the most outrageous reasons like having thoughts against the government.

I got my GOVERNMENT MANDATED MyFederation Rewards Card! Join me and quintillions of others in one united universe! Link in profile.

A photo posted by Rick and Morty on Adult Swim (@rickandmorty) on Jan 30, 2017 at 1:01pm PST

Who Is FR33R1CK5455?

If one looked at the website too many times, for a split second, a glitch shows a user named FR33R1CK5455 hacking into the system. The redirect page shows a Gromflomite logging in and the end of the feed, Gromflomite said that he created the private channel. Is Gromflomite-4 also the same as FR33R1CK5455 and are the gromflomites helping Rick?

The site doesn’t really show any concrete clue regarding the identity of Rick’s sympathizer. However, we noticed that the website doesn’t really show Morty anywhere. Summer shows up in the website where alien tourists take picture of her while she eats her food.

Mr. Poopy Butthole, Jerry and Beth each has their own video clip surveilance. Does this mean that the Federation took Morty as an asset being someone closest to Rick? Or did Morty leave the dimension to look for Rick’s saviour using Rick’s other devices?

C-137 Morty And Evil Morty Team Up Together?

In the last episode of Season 2, Morty told Rick that he would be devastated if Rick left. Now that Rick really did leave by surrendering to the galactic federation, we expect that Morty won’t accept it easily. Perhaps, we won’t just see Evil Morty but Morty Gazorpazorp’s son as well.

It would not surprise us if evil Morty turns out to be FR33R1CK5455 since he has the intellect to hack into the Galactic Federation’s website. Although there are other Ricks in the other dimensions, we know Rick enough that he won’t bother saving himself.

Who do you think will save Rick? Which character would you like to make a comeback this season 3? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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