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Rick and Morty Season 3: The Little Things That Excite Us About Season 3

Everyone thought about seeing the premiere of Rick and Morty Season 3 last holiday season. Sort of like a Christmas or New Year holiday for the fans. But Adult Swim chose to break our hearts instead.

Then, IMDB listed that the premiere will be on Jan. 9. But just when we were ready to celebrate, Justin Roiland tweeted to break our hearts once again. He said that there was no Jan. 9 premiere for the Adult Swim animated series.

Rick and Morty Season 3: What we know so far

We’re hoping that we’ll see the premiere of Rick and Morty Season 3 by summer, but we’re not having our hopes up again just to be crushed. For the meantime, let’s content ourselves with picking every little bit of clue we can from the sneak peek that was released. This is really like a consolation prize for all the waiting we’ve put under.

Rick and Morty Season 3

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Circa Waves

In the sneak peek, the genius and strange Rick Sanchez is out of intergalactic prison. He was imprisoned at the end of Season 2. We saw him bailing his grandson, Morty, out of school (what a grandfather!) and pulling him to weird intergalactic adventures with him.

As for Morty, he’s starting to get to know himself a little more, romantically speaking. He’s doing everything to get into Jessica’s inner circle after learning that she stopped seeing Brad. There was also a reference about him wanting to be intimate with Jessica.

And then, there’s that Star Wars reference. Are we going to see Darth Vader somewhere in Rick and Morty Season 3? Who knows what the creators are cooking up for us, so better stay tuned for more of these sneak peeks.

What’s taking so long?

What we do know about Rick and Morty is that the script for Season 3 has long been finished. What’s taking up most of their time in production is the animation process. And given the fact that this is full animation we’re talking about, that will really take a lot of time.

Hopefully, the writers and animators finally get everything in order and give us what we want—Rick and Morty Season 3.

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