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Rick And Morty Season 3: Fans Pestering Dan Harmon For More Deets

Maybe pestering the Rick and Morty Season 3 writers is not the best way to go about your fanaticism? Although Roiland maintained a positive outlook on Twitter, Harmon may have finally snapped. This past weekend, he answered fan questions with words like “dickhead” and “gigantic asshole.”

It can be a little infuriating to wait for your favorite animated adult comic series to come back to TV. But, imagine how much more frustrating it is for the creators themselves who cannot wait to see Rick and Morty back to life. Maybe a little patience is in order?

Rick And Morty Season 3: When Are We Going To See The Premiere?

No one’s probably more disappointed than Harmon when they weren’t able to premiere Rick and Morty Season 3 in 2016. There were even more disappointments when it failed the January rumor. Now, it looks like the soonest we’re seeing it is on April 2 or April 9.

Rick and Morty Season 3Ping Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the IG page of Rick and Morty

But until Adult Swim announces it officially, we suggest not to get your hopes high. Or else, you’ll end up pestering Harmon and Roiland on Twitter again. Not that the fans mind, actually.

While Harmon called @nicholecantcook a “Dick Stain” and “gigantic asshole,” @crowstatus seems to want that same attention. He tweeted: “I wanna be called a dick stain by Dan Harmon wtf this is the coolest tweet ever.”

Harmon obliged, of course, responding to @crowstatus: “I will never call you a Dick stain, poop face.” Seriously, though, they might have missed what the writer told another harassing fan. He said that pestering him and Roiland on Twitter may feel special for fans, but they should think long and hard about what they’re doing.

Harmon said that “even your own specialness needed to be provided by someone else.” Burn, baby, burn. Social media allowed fans to reach out directly to artists, but maybe this is a bit too much?

Rick and Morty Is On The Drawing Board

The delay of Rick and Morty Season 3 isn’t really something Harmon and Roiland have major control over. Harmon explained that although the script may have been finished, the animators still have to draw the scenes “for a really long time.”

He said that if he just keeps on writing dialogues and air that on TV, then it will look like a script. It’s not going to be Rick and Morty Season 3 “which you seem to like.” Patience, my dears, is in the tallest order.

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