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Quantico Season 2: Priyanka Chopra Brushes-off Injury Concerns

Priyanka Chopra had a minor setback during the filming of Quantico season 2. Turns out, she is doing just fine.

The news earlier last week from the sets of Quantico season 2 filming had it that the leading lady was involved in an accident. Reportedly, Priyanka was filming an action scene when she took a stumble. Needless to say, the filming stopped in the wake of the incident.

A new report however reveals that our Quantico girl just brushed off her injuries and is now back to working. Fans rejoice!

Quantico Season 2: Priyanka’s Accident

The filming is underway for the ABC drama, while the mid-season premiere is on Jan. 23. Case in point, Priyanka and Co. are filming in New York with an aberrant premise. People has an exclusive comment from Priyanka’s representatives regarding the mishap. Turns out, the Indian actress went back to work four days after the incident.

Even though she is still ‘sore and still’ from the fall, she is happy to be back at work. Soon after the accident, she got medical assistance and doctor clearance to go back home. Upon doctor’s suggestion, she rested for a while before making a return. The actress herself took to the Instagram account to convey that it’s all fine from her side of the aisle.

In her post, the actress says that she is travelling to LA for the award’s ceremony. Quantico and Priyanaka have earned nominations in the People’s Choice Awards. Furthermore, she hints at her recovery from the accident by saying that she feels ‘sore’, but she’s excited, nonetheless.

Early morning..sore..sleepy but..first.. lemme take a selfie.. LA bound. #PCAs #nomination #excited #nofilter

A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on

Quantico Season 2: Build-up

The debut season of the ABC thriller/drama is having a successful run so far. The latest news is that the show is a favorite to bag the People’s Choice Awards too. Priyanka is likely to win individual accolades for her tenacious performance throughout the series. She plays an antagonist in the remake of Baywatch due to release in May, this year.

To sum it up, Priyanka isn’t letting anything stop her from getting where she intends to. Now that she has broken into the foray of mainstream Hollywood, she is poised to make a broader statement. She wouldn’t let a minor fall bring her down, of course.

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