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Prison Break Season 5: What’s Wrong With Michael

With Prison Break season 5 premiere on the cards, the number one question fans will be asking is, “How is Michael still alive?” Given that the power surge at the end of The Final Break supposedly killed him, that’s a reasonable question. Sure, fans are happy that we’re seeing a continuation of Lincoln and Michael’s stories. However, fans are still holding the show to a reasonable standard of storytelling.

The first set of trailers reveal that Michael (Wentworth Miller) has wound up in prison (again) somewhere in Yemen. We see a bit of a role-reversal here from the first season, as Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) aims to bust his brother out. Naturally, Michael seems to be hatching a plan all on his own as well.

The Same Michael?

In an interview with Deadline, series creator Paul T Scheuring hints at tighter storytelling for the next season. “The audience was getting dramatic material that wasn’t necessary,” he says about the previous episodes. Before season 5, the show simply ran with enough room to fit all this narrative into. The limited series that will premiere in 2017 doesn’t have the same luxury.

Still, that affords the showrunners some advantages. For one, the explanation for switch-up of Michael’s situation will probably be presented without any extra fluff. “Michael doesn’t come out of the gates compromised,” Scheuring says, just hinting the things to come. “Is he Michael? Is this the Michael we knew all along?”

Fox’s Dana Walden herself has assured fans of a believable reason for Michael being alive. What was not mentioned was how a death (or near-death?) experience has changed the character, for better or for worse. Could he be suffering from PTSD? Maybe a healthy case of the vengeance munchies?

Brothers Once More

Old Prison Break fans who started watching The Flash may have been delighted by some familiar faces. On DC’s The Flash, Miller and Purcell play Captain Cold and Heat Wave, respectively. Though not related as their characters were in Prison Break, they’re brothers-in-arms – villains who use cold- and heat-related weaponry battling the Flash. They reprise their roles in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Fans who are welcoming Prison Break season 5 after a 7-year hiatus should thank DC for more than seeing the brothers in villains’ uniforms. Apparently working together on Legends of Tomorrow gave the two actors time to discuss the Prison Break revival in the first place. Before they knew it, the idea had concretized into production, and here we are. Excited yet? Prison Break season 5 premieres on April 4, 2017.

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