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Prison Break Season 5: What Is Really In Store For Us

The Prison Break season 5 announcement last year was quite a shock. For fans who watched the original series during its 2005-2009 run, the story had already wrapped up. The characters got their endings, with some loose ends tied up and others just left a little open to the imagination.

The return from the 7-year hiatus, however, will look to put even more speculations to rest. And surely, a few more questions will sprout along the way. The limited series acts as a direct sequel to Season 4. What does that mean?

Prison Break Season 5 – The Return of Michael Scofield

The ending of season 4 seemed intent on wrapping up the series then and there with Michel’s death. As fans would recall, a bounty of sorts had been put on Sara’s head. To help her escape, and with a bad brain tumor keeping his days numbered, Michael sacrificed his own life. Or did he?

The trailers and clips shown over the last several months for Prison Break season 5 have revealed that there is more to the events to meet the eye. Wentworth Miller reprises his role as Michael, and Dominic Purcell back as Lincoln as well; and both are looking very much alive. Fox’s Dana Walden, however, assures that a “logical” and “believable” reason will be shared about how those characters remain at large

“The brothers and some of the iconic characters will be back, and it will address some questions that were set up at the end of the series for a new audience,” she claims, according to Deadline.

If the first four seasons were indicative of the show’s quality of writing, then we’ll take her word for it. Maybe fans shouldn’t have to worry about the danger of a hastily pieced excuse to bring Michael back onto the show.

Faces to Expect

Some new faces will be onscreen alongside the familiar ones. Mark Feuerstein will be playing Jacob, the new man in Sara’s life. Since there was no way for her to know Michael was still alive, moving on was reasonable. Her son Mike could, after all, make use of a father figure in his life.

Kunal Sharma plays Sid, a man that Michael befriends in the Yemen prison. His fears for his safety – homosexuality apparently being the reason he was imprisoned, and why other inmates want to kill him. But if the trailer hints a piece of gum he lends, Michael will “start the process” for their escape.

Rick Yune and Steve Mouzakis join the cast as well. Expect chase scenes, melees, and yes, another actual prison break. This time, it looks like Lincoln is the one responsible for busting his brother out of prison. Funny how that seems to be a pattern. Excited for the premiere of Prison Break season 5 this 2017? Let’s hear about it in the comments below!

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