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Prison Break Season 5: How A Chance Meeting Between Miller And Purcell Made It Possible

Now that Prison Break Season 5 is airing this April 2017, a lot of fans were wondering how this came about. When it ended six years ago, fans were disappointed that they would no longer know what happens to Michael Scofield’s (Wentworth Miller) character.

Since then, Miller and Dominic Purcell (Lincoln Burrows), who plays his brother in the hit TV show, haven’t seen each other. Miller, after battling with depression, also semi-retired from acting. But it was Netflix and CW’s The Flash that made it possible for them to reunite and talk about reviving the long-lost Season 5.

The Comeback Of Prison Break Season 5

In The Flash, Miller and Purcell played Captain Cold and Heatwave. This was the first time they saw each other again after a long time. They then began to talk about their time with Prison Break, and decided to approach Fox about reviving the series for Prison Break Season 5.

Prison Break Season 5Ping Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Prison Vaun Wilmott

Purcell told TV Guide, as quoted by Inquisitr, that the decision to revive Prison Break was so easy. It immediately received a green light from Fox, too. That wasn’t so surprising because the previous seasons of Prison Break were some of the most watched shows on Netflix.

Despite the season ending many years ago, fans are still clamoring for a Season 5. There is certainly a renewed interest from old and new fans alike.

What’s In Store In Season 5?

Prison Break, which is premiering on April 4, will feature nine episodes although 10 were originally planned. But because of scheduling conflicts, two schedules were combined into one. Most of the original cast will be returning such as Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies), Fernando Sucre (Amaury Nolasco), T-Bag (Robert Knepper), and the resourceful C-Note.

To everyone’s surprise, Michael is still alive and stuck in a prison in Yemen. T-Bag then learned about what happened to Michael, and brought this information to Lincoln, who was skeptical but hopeful that his brother was still alive.

Lincoln made plans to confirm that Michael, who previously revealed that he has brain tumor, was still alive but imprisoned. Together with the other guys, he now devised a plan to help Michael escape from prison—the same thing his brother did when he was on death row years ago.

It’s kind of exciting to note that the cast members revealed that Michael will not be the same Michael. Probably, he was changed by the fact that he joined a terrorist group before being imprisoned? Whatever it is, I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough when Prison Break Season 5 comes back on air.

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