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The Powerpuff Girls: Cartoon Series Not For Kids After All

The Powerpuff Girls is perhaps one of the longest-running TV shows on Cartoon Network. The iconic superheroine trio has appealed to both kids and adults, owing to their irresistible cuteness and obvious theme on women empowerment. However, reports are now making rounds saying that the cartoon series isn’t appropriate for children’s viewing. What could have caused this impression on the show? Read on to find out!

The Powerpuff Girls Nonchalantly Portrays Satan

The Powerpuff Girls, a trio of superheroines named Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, seemed like a cute TV show at first glance. Imagine, young little girls, battling their city’s biggest and toughest monsters no matter the cost. You could even debate that the show actually tackles women empowerment, with young girls at the forefront making sure Townsville is always a safe place to be. However, if you look closely, there are some disturbing scenes on the show that make the show a pretty inappropriate one for kids.

For instance, while villains like Mojo Jojo or Fuzzy Lumpkins seem like the usual less appealing baddie, there are some from the show which are horrific for kids. Take HIM for example. HIM is the creepy red character on the show who many believe to be show’s portrayal of Satan. The character speaks in a hallucinogenic high pitched voice and walks around wreaking havoc like it was something normal. HIM walks around town with his red horns and sometimes even bursts out from the flames.

In the episode Octi Evil, Bubble’s stuffed toy becomes possessed. If the subject on being possessed isn’t haunting as it is already, the narrator of the program even says, “This is a villain so evil, so horribly vile that even the utterance of his name strikes fear into the hearts of men! The only safe way to refer to this king of darkness is simply… Him.”

The Powerpuff Girls Episode About Calling A Child A ‘Mistake’

The fact that the show focuses on three crime-fighting young girls is okay. However, a scene from the episode entitled Super Friends will most likely send a bad message about certain children. In the episode, the sisters introduce their friend to Professor X (aka their dad). Weirdly enough, they tell the new friend that they were born to the world because of an “accident” (adding  Chemical X to the experiment) . The professor laughs at his three kids, when the friend interrupts by saying “Don’t worry professor. I was a mistake too.”

Children who watch this show are in for a lot of pep talks from their parents. Some scenes convey messages that are not ideal for kids’ impressionable minds. Be warned.

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